Survivors Pathway Organization.Unethical behavior and bullying their students receiving practicum hours.

I was a student in this organization back in August 2016, I was very happy to be part of this community and looked forward to being embraced and excepted as one of their own . I'll begin by saying that all of the opposite that I wished for is what occurred. I have never found myself in a situation so overly abusive, prejudiced, criticized, bullied, and harassed these are just a few of the feelings I experienced while being in this organization. My supervisors were plain horrible human beings one of them that goes by the name of "diva" Who did also her practicum hours and graduated a few weeks before I begin my practicum hours was hired as a supervisor also at this moment she is doing her clinical hours for her license at the same establishment where she works and the supervisor who signs of her hours, she is also her supervisor, I would think this is in an ethical duo conflict of interest. I was falsely accused of something I did not do and without any consideration to my persona I was removed from the establishment and put on clinical probation. While in this place there were a lot of activities that leave very little to be desired, their focus on the domestic violence, human trafficking, and other types of protection is nothing but façade. These grants that they receive it's what they use to allow themselves to continue to function, but if you treat someone the way I've been treated at this place I have no idea where they could find kindness in their hearts to do any other person anygood. There are times when unresolved personal issues may interfere with individuals ability to deliver effective counseling services andor function effectively within a professional, interdisciplinary environment, and it seems that this establishment has many of those unresolved issues and each and everyone of them and that is why they treat not only their clients but their personal like myself a student in this manner.

Please stay away from this Organization they have done nothing positive, when it comes to human trafficking grants they have done nothing but talked about it and created workshops to show where that money or better yet grant money has gone . They started with five young men that were prostituting themselves for a better wording and one is now very very good friends with the CEO he has been seen in many locations driving the CEOs car. They are very touchy with each other has his own office, i'm created a new branch to bring him on as an employee . HIV testing as they pay $10 for whoever they can get to come in and get tested this goes on all day long while we sit in the kitchen area with no privacy setting or computers or anything given to us from the establishment so we can work on notes no we can't individuals fast in front of us exposed by HIPPAasking where to go for there money.

Feb 01, 2017

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