SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / unauthorized transaction/computer held hostage

1 8733 14st Apt B, Detroit, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 3138282597

This company held my computer hostage all day and told me that I had alot of viruses on my computer. The only way to get access to my computer was to agree to a debit charge of $34.99. I called my debit card and was told there had been a charge of $129.00 to my debit account. I tried to contact the company by phone to dispute the charges, they left me on hold then they hung the phone up. I called repeatly with the same response. I really need help so I can get my money back. I did not authorize ths charge but my bank is telling me that I have to wait 5 days to dispute this through the bank or contact the company thats making the transaction. This is difficult because they are not answering the phone. Can you please help me!

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