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I signed up with them one year ago since I was not collecting any child support anyway. It is now one year later and I finally did start receiving checks. They were not instrumental in collecting this back support, the State of Florida was. Finally after 18 years of not receiving any child support, because I am in contract with this horrible company and they are going through organization changes, my money is tied up with them. It took them 1 month to send my first check and now I have another that is lost somewhere in their system with me not knowing how long it will take to get to me. They sent me a letter that they will review my case and let me know if my contract can be terminated... IF????? I am choosing to terminate it. They have been unsuccessful in collecting any money for me and now they are holding money and cannot be reached. They refuse to return any of my emails.

Absolutely do not use this company!!! If anyone can help me settle this dispute, I would appreciate it.

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