supportkids Inc. / secretly intercepting my child support order

1 Austin, United States

My name is Melvin Gay, Jr. My complaint is against Supportkids, Inc.(along with Danielle Stubblefield and the state of Pennsylvania). I'm a non custodial parent with a interstate child support case that originated in Pennsylvania and being enforced in North Carolina. My case originated in 1995 and had several reviews and modifications. On November 13, 2002, i received a letter from Supportkids, Inc. threatening me that my driver's license would be suspended or revoked if i didn't make a payment in the name of Danielle Stubblefield to them or the court registry designated in my court order although Pennsylvania was collecting my child support payments on a weekly basis at the time! From November 2002 thru August 2005, supportkids, inc & ms. Stubblefield intercepted my child support payments without my knowledge or the knowledge of the state of Pennsylvania. Supportkids collected a grand total of $12, 856.62 from me during that time period in which Pennsylvania is only willing to credit me $9, 166.27. Supportkids, Pennsylvania and Danielle stublefield failed to notify me of the change in collection or a change in the terms of my child support order. I was forced to show cause for non payment of my child support payments 4 times in North Carolina courts from 2005 thru 2008 when Pennsylvania finally acknowledged that they had found the missing child support payments. I received a letter from Pennsylvania stating " It appears supportkids collected $12, 944.08(which is different than the $12, 856.62 that they previously stated that they collected) from 11/7/02 to 8/31/05. PA Reviewing Case
But CP may or may not give NCP credit for this!).I received a letter from Pennsylvania in 01/09 stating that they credited my account $9, 166.27. That's a difference of $3777.81 which is said to be the fees from Supportkids, Inc. Pennsylvania says that i owe $3753.69 which makes it an overpayment of $24.12 on my behalf. My main complaint against Supportkids, Inc is their unethical practices and their harrasment tactics! I received a threating phone call from Supportkids, Inc in 01/07 in which they threatened me with incarceration until I told them that North Carolina was collecting my child support payments and then all contact from supportkids, Inc ceased. I fail to understand why I'm being held liable for money that I've already payed because Ms. stubblefield and Supportkids, Inc. intercepted my payments unknown to Pennnsylvania or myself? Now, I've got a court date on 06/02/15 to show cause for why i haven't paid my arrears. This type of PIRATE collection tactics need to be regulated and stopped so that no one else has to endure what I've had to endure!

May 30, 2015

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