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1 N A, AZ, India

About 28 days ago I downloaded and installed SpyHunter 4 from Enigma software because I picked up a rootkit that completely took over my Goggle Chrome. SpyHunter immediately got rid of the rootkit along with a huge amount of other spyware some 8600 items in all.
Well as of yesterday May 12 2015 I called tech support because SpyHunter kept finding a file appdataFr3.bin. This file kept appearing unknown to SpyHunter. SpyHunter kept asking me if I recognized the file which I did not so I searched it in Goggle and found it to be most likely a part of a virus. So I deleted it. But it kept coming back.
From what I understand there some files that will mutate and hide from malware removal software and this requires special tactics to remove it. When I installed SpyHunter on my system I also installed there support phone number on my phone. This way I could have help at my fingertips.
So I began explaining my problem to tech support innocently unaware that it was not Enigma software tech support. I don’t know how they did that. But this guy played right along and told me that my SpyHunter could not find this virus because it was already on my computer before I installed SpyHunter and that sometimes happens. He then told me that he would need to do a scan of my computer to see what he would have to do to get rid of it.
So I let him run the scan and it found problems in 4 deferent areas my registry showed 200 errs so he said that he would have to have a tech connect to my computer to remove it manually. He said that it would be $149.00 to fix it. I told him that I could not afford that right now. I said I thought that SpyHunter 4 had free tech support he said that because it was requiring the tech to connect to my computer that was not free.
We went round and round over the price some more he dropped the price to $98.00 and offered to connect me with customer support for a refund on SpyHunter. Well I actually like SpyHunter very well and did not want to get rid of it. So I had him wait until I checked to see if I had room on my emergency credit card. I did so I put it on there. The tech connected and did a bunch of stuff took about 45-50 min.
He installed Support Dock on my computer. Then he told me to check to see if the problem was fixed. So I did and the problem seemed to be gone. That appdataFr3.bin file was nowhere to be found. I finely started to think something was not right a couple hours later after checking out the stuff that he had installed on my computer and I could not seem to find anything indicating that it was from Enigma software. Fortunately I did not let him talk me into getting rid of SpyHunter.
I did a restart a couple hours later and SpyHunter Blocked Support Dock from starting as unrecognized software. That’s when the red light went on and all the flags popped up. So first thing this morning I called tech support and when the tech got on the phone the first thing I asked was where are you. He replied Clear Water Florida.
I said ok do you know who iYogi is. His reply was no. So I told him what had happened and he said that they never charge for any tech support issues and I should call my bank and try to reverse the transaction. The gentleman that I spoke with at the bank said that the transaction was still in process and to call back tomorrow and talk with clams. The tech is going to connect to my computer tomorrow morning and remove this garbage off my computer.
I don’t really know if this software that he installed is any good or not. But as far as I am concerned it could be the best thing out there. But with their unethical business practices they can keep it. I would not have that stuff on my computer if it were free.

May 20, 2015

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