I hear this guy has designed a lot of scam web sites. I know this guy. And he is bad news. He designed the CSI(he does not design, he has someone do that for him, he markets)

Gene Aitkens, of webe), web site designers. I don't think Gene designs it. He has someone else doing that I hear he has desineda lot of scam sites. stone cold crook. from Denver, Colorado.
I know him. Tried to burn me on a deal once. He is an elder in a church which believes in a variation of no accountability. He even does house bible studies The other elders in the church got on to him for peddling all these debt elimination scams to the church members He did have a house in foreclosure . I tried to help stop it. Then I set him up with some people I know who claimed to be in private banking. Gene immediatly located those people's tel # and tried to bypass me so he would not have to pay me any finders fees. that was before I found private banking = private scam. The guy is just a con with a bible. not suprising he is doing what he is doing for living.

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