SuperValu / Give us more hours

1 VA, United States

I've worked for a grocery store for a few years now and recently (for the past 8 months or so) they've cut back hours each week. I realize that there is a an economic crisis, but with how they're doing this, it's completely impossible to run the front end ( of which I'm in charge ). Corporate keeps cutting back the hours, comes in to see how the store is going, and then complains at us for having such long lines at the registers. How can we not have long lines when they're only allowing us to schedule three people at a time ( one of which must stay on the express line at all times )?

Not only is this frustrating to us, the front end employees, but it's also unfair to the customers who simply want to pay and get out of the store in a decent amount of time. On top of this, we're the ones who get yelled corporate as well as by the customers.

*Sigh* Ridiculous.

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