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I ordered some pet meds from this company 3 weeks ago. I notice that the money was taken from my account the very same day. So far I haven't received my order. I've sent 2 emails to their customer service dept. without receiving any replies. I have even called and was told that they would contact me within 48 hours. Well surprise, surprise not one have called me back.

I only hope no one else gets ripped off by this outfit.

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  • Ex
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    It's kind of humerous because I have ordered 5-6 times from and have received every order. Sometimes it takes too long but I have learned to put my orders in well in advance. Their customer service is a little lacking but I have always been happy with their prices and packaging. is really the only on-line pharmacy I actually trust. No one really has to worry about ordering from them. Notice that yours in the only complaint received so that must indicate that they have a high rate of satisfaction from their customers.

  • Lo
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    I've received everything I have ordered from them as well, and I think I have placed at least 7 orders with them over many years. Typically it takes ~20 days, and I'm in Albuquerque NM, but it wasn't any faster/slower when I lived in Pittsburgh. I would wait at least a month before you get concerned.

  • Se
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    I too have made many order from them, but once I clicked on green tea to inquire about it and then I started getting bottles and bottles of green tea in the mail and they were charging my credit card plus other charges of porn etc, you name it. Got that taken care of and and ordered from them again a few times with no complaints. However, here we go again got an mp3 player in their envelop instead of my medicine. Have corresponded with
    them several times with no avail. Still fighting, and exhausted, will not use their site again after this. Debbie in Louisiana

  • Se
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    I've been buying Lexapro from these guys for over four years now with no problem. I order a six months supply twice a year. You HAVE to order at least three weeks in advance. Also, they split up large orders (like mine) into two packages to comply with customs. In all this time I have only had one problem; half of my order did not arrive. I contacted them and they sent me a replacement package about three weeks later. About two weeks after THAT, the original came; it was post marked two months earlier so they had obviously shipped it honestly, but it got caught up in the mail somewhere. I let them know, and they said "keep it." Seriously. These guys have been a lifesaver for me, not only saving the $300 a month price difference, but also saving me the need to go pay my doctor $150 every three months for a rubber stamp renewal of prescription. Note that Lexapro is addictive; once you are on it, getting off is no joke. You get vertigo and have to cut down VERY gradually. It works ok for me, reducing my anxiety, but I am not recommending it.

  • Tc
      26th of Dec, 2013
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    I Have ordered from SSM 7 times. 6 times I received exactly what I ordered. The 7th time my order got lost and they reshipped. I received the reshipped package but it was missing some of the products. I received this package 3 months from the time I ordered. They said they were out of one product and would issue me a credit back on to my card. That was 6 months ago and still nothing. I have tried to contact them multiple times but I get the answering machine every time. Also, from reading the reviews, I believe I was also the victim of CC fraud as I was receiving all sorts of different products ordered from the internet during the time I was waiting for my package. Over $1600.00 worth of stuff was ordered. I have read others complaints of the same thing happening to them after they ordered from this site. It was a pain in the ### dealing with this. This company seems to be so hit and miss from everything I have read. It's unfortunate. They have great prices but not worth the risk. I will not be doing business with them again.

  • Sa
      15th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes will steal your money!

    I made a purchase from Super Saver Meds earlier this year for two items. One item cost $34.20 and the other item cost $113.40. Several weeks later, I received the $34.20 item. SuperSaverMeds notified me that they were experiencing shipping delays and the $113.40 item would arrive in the next few weeks. After several more weeks had past and I had not received my order, I emailed Super Saver Meds again and inquired about the delay. SuperSaverMeds responded that they had reshipped my order and I would soon receive it.

    When I did not receive the order after several more weeks, I emailed SuperSaverMeds again and they told me they were experiencing shipping disruptions and would refund my money back to my credit card for the $113.40 item. The next two monthly statements for my credit card did not show a refund. I emailed Super Saver Meds asking about the refund, but they did not reply. I have since emailed Super Saver Meds numerous times and they have not responded.

    The confirmation email I received when I made the purchase listed two customer service numbers: International: 1-347-826-3244, which is disconnected, and 1-888-701-3456, which is supposed to be for U.S. customers. The number for U.S. customers has had a busy signal for the last few months no matter what time it is dialed. I once tried continuously pushing redial for about 45 minutes and still could only get a busy signal.I called my credit card company to dispute the charges for the item I didn't get.

    My credit card company told me too much time had passed since I made the purchase and they could not do a chargeback. There is nothing I can do to get my money back and I needed the prescription they never sent me, not to mention I'm unemployed and can't afford to lose that money.

    It is my belief that SuperSaverMeds sent me the less expensive item to gain my trust and then played for time until they knew I would not be able to dispute the charges for the more expensive item. This would make sense considering they promptly responded to my emails right up until they knew I couldn't dispute the charge. Then they ignored all my messages after that. is a scam.

  • Ne
      16th of Apr, 2015
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    This is not what happened to you. I was a customer of Super Saver Meds for nine (9) years. I primarily ordered generic Nexium, but I sometimes ordered Soma for my back and occasionally dabbled with a generic Cialis or Viagara order for fun. I never had a single issue, and I placed dozens of orders with them. They always took about three weeks to get an order to me, and it was split up for customs as has been mentioned previously.

    The most recent complaint above that was written by SadSucker is similar to the last interaction I had with them. What actually happened is they went out of business. They tried to continue fulfilling orders, but they had too much trouble continuing to ship prescription medications without actual prescriptions. Blocked shipments and fines finally put them out of business, and they were unable to keep up. My last shipment was finally refunded after multiple emails back and forth with customer service.

    The phone numbers never worked properly during the entire nine year span I used them. I'm sad they are gone. They were a quality outfit. They were slow and had to replace an order a couple of times for me, but Super Saver Meds was definitely an honest medicine supplier that provided quality medicines for obscenely cheap prices. RIP Super Saver Meds...

  • Ia
      29th of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I agree with nedhenry. Can you recommend another company?

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