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These people would call repeatedly. I have told them numerous times to stop calling and have asked for them to take me out of their call list. Just today, I received 5 phone calls in a matter of 30 minutes. One of them even said "We're still gonna keep calling."

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      Jul 19, 2010

    Completely agree with what you are saying. This is a company that is built on lies. Don't feel bad, they promise their employees one thing and then screw them up. Should have known that it was coming. All you business people out there, if you get a call from Superior avoid it. This company will want you to believe that they have state of the art facility and will promise you the world to get your business, but once you sign the contract your money is gone for good. All they want to do is get your money so that they can buy expensive trips and gifts for their own loved one's. They pay their employees merely enough to survive and expect the employees to be completely loyal to the company. Business owners of America, I would not be surprised if we come to find out that they are running a sweat shop in Bangladesh. Poor people of that nation. These blood suckers are going to exploit them in all the way they can. The three culprits of this operation are Chris Blank, Terry Faruq and Scott Kirkpatrick. Their local number is [protected] and their respective extensions are 300 for Scott Kirkpatrick, 301 for Chris Blank and you can try 360 or 370 for Terry Faruq. Once again DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

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