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Superior Internet Solutions / Poor service!

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Do not ever sign up with - superior internet solutions. They are a rip off. They promised a 10 day guarantee to place you on the first page of google. They also promised the same with Yahoo, MSN, and a bunch of other search engines. They charge you $1499 as a set-up fee. Obviously it never happens in 10 days b/c you can't just pay someone to get on the first page of Google for search optimization. After 10 days, Superior convinces you it will take some time, they'll give you a month free... After 3 months of nothing being done, selling my exact same website and template and keywords to someone else and being charged $2,600. I am at a financial loss.

I tried disputing with my credit card company, I am prepared to even take this to the next level. If someone has experienced something similar with any search engine optimization company let me know. I will explain further if you don't understand.


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  • Ob
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    I have my own horror with S.I.S. I was faxed a poor-visual-quality agreement, promised a legible hard copy but never got it, was promised first-page visibility with 5 combinations of search terms but got it only in 2 combinations, was subjected to my advertisement (which contained illegal representations) without prior-review or subsequent change, never given a response beyond a dodge to any of my complaints, and given Ticket ID: HTP-229422

    Subject: Re: Superior Internet Solutions :: Invoice 35168
    Department: Superior Billing Department
    Priority: Low
    Status: Open

    I had to enter a dispute with my bank and cancel my bank card. I am researching this outfit for its complaint/criminal history.

  • No
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    I have been trying to cancel with these idiots for three months. They just keep ignoring me and charging my credit card!

    My Complaint with the BBB:
    In late 2006 I was contacted by this company soliciting my business. I indicated at that time that I was interested in their service but would not be able to sign up for a few months. Their salesperson told me that the "special pricing they were offering was about to expire" and that I could sign up now and would not be charged the monthly service fee until my website was activated. The following two months I was charged (by automatic deduction on my credit card) $99. I complained and the money was refunded in February of 2007. I never activated a website with them and I have never given them a url to use. I no longer intend on using their service. They had contacted me to see if I was ready to start using their service and I indicated that I was not. On 11/8/2007 they started deducting a monthly fee for service never received - 9 Charges in 8 days!
    $99.00 on 11/8/2007
    $99.00 on 11/9/2007
    $99.00 on 11/13/2007
    $99.00 on 11/13/2007
    $99.00 on 11/13/2007
    $99.00 on 11/13/2007
    $99.00 on 11/14/2007
    $99.00 on 11/15/2007
    $99.00 on 11/16/2007
    $99.00 on 12/7/2007
    I began trying to resolve this with them around November 15, 2007. I have sent numerous emails requesting a refund and cancellation of my account. I explicitly told them that they were no longer authorized to charge my credit card. I have left 3 voicemails. On 12/7 – they charged my credit card without authorization. I received another invoice via email today! This is a notice that your invoice 38730 has been generated for services by Superior Internet Solutions on 2007/12/22. Total Due: $99.00 Due Date: 2008/01/05 Your payment method is: CC Batch We will process your credit card shortly and you will see a charge from Superior Internet Solutions for this transaction. If you have any questions please contact us at or call 888.968.8808. I am requesting a full refund on all payments made. Including the initial start up fee.

  • Sc
      30th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am an ex-employee of this company. Do not work with SIS. They are famous for overpromising and underdelivering!

  • Ja
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    I was called recently by S.I.S. I asked about MSN and they told me that they do not work with MSN and that they cannot sell me leads from them. That is directly contradicting what this post says. Also, I went through the Google presentation and they said it costs 649.00 for set up. They told me that none of their products are over 1000.00 for set up costs, that also contradicts what was posted here stating 1499.00. I addressed that with their rep and they said it was false and that this post is completely false. They advised they are the only partner with the national association of mortgage brokers in the country, that means alot more to me than this blog post put up by no one.

  • Ch
      5th of May, 2008
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    I read through this thread and I have an opinion on this topic as well. First I have to say, hey there is no magic button out there anywhere that you can just push to get yourself listing on the first page of I am on the first page of google for many local search terms in my local market area... And regardless of where if are if you Google me I will be listing in several of the listings on the first page... My point is that in order to get listed on the front page of Google not only do you need to have appropriate keywords programmed into the meta tags in your site but you also have to constantly update the site with fresh content that is relevent to your keywords. One of the best ways to accomplish this is via a blog. The sites that SIS provide are search engine optimized but if you don't personally do something to promote those sites I guarantee that they will not stand out from any of SIS's other clients. Since SIS gives you access to every single page of the site and the ability to update it regularly you can easily swap out one of the less popular pages (use to monitor) with a "WordPress" blog and drum yourself up plenty of Google Juice! SIS sites are nice... They have plenty of lead capture, support RSS, give you the ability to duplicate and then optimize all of the sites (multiple lead gen sites)... I mean the software suite is actually very nice. It really is all in what you do with it. You have to recognize that the people on the other end of the phone selling the sites are sales people working for commissions on instant sales. Of course many of the will be tempted to say what ever they have to say to get you on board... I told the guy that I bought my setup from that I planned to add a blog and tweak the sites for SEO... He told me that I don't need to worry about that because the sites are already optimized and that they have partnerships with Google and Yahoo so I will automatically be ranked high in the search engines... My question to you if you believe that jargon is "ranked high compared to who? The several thousand other people purchasing similiar lead capture technology!?"... You truly can generate a whole lot of leads with SIS system, but if you buy it and don't do anything with it chances are you will feel as though you have been ripped off!

  • Bi
      6th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    SUPERIOR INTERNET SOLUTIONS - BAD INVESTMENT!!! Don't work with Superior Internet Solutions for mortgage websites or mortgage marketing!

    I have had my own nightmares with the clowns at Superior Internet Solutions, or "Inferior Internet Solutions", as I like to call them...

    It seems they will say anything it takes to get ahold of your credit card # then they dissappear off the face of the planet after they get a hold of it!

    They talked up this new "hybrid" product they scrapped together (it's a pathetic tool now that I've realized what you really get for the money) and promised tons of leads, cusomizations, traffic, support, etc., and our team got NOTHING! It's next to impossible getting a hold of somebody there!

    In fact, when I FINALLY DID talk to someone there to see about driving traffic to the website, they try to push me into a nonsense $1500 Google campaign assuring me top tier placement within just a few days!


    Anyways, the guy commenting above sounds an awful lot like an employee of Superior Internet Solutions trying to do some damage control, but it looks like it might be too late... the word is already out.

  • Ch
      8th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Bill, Actually I am a Mortgage Professional in Plattsburgh, NY 12901 at lake City Mortgage; not a Superior Internet Solutions emplyee in San Diego, CA. I did not hide my name or comment anonymously and I am not hard to find... I know a guy who produces around 5000 leads a month with one ugly website, over 50 domains that are directed to that one ugly site, and dozens of "doorway" pages. You may not like the people at SIS... You may not like their products... But you have to admit that the system that they have is better than a 2 page website with a couple of questions and a contact form (which has proven to work quite well).

    Have you ever seen the disclamer "individual results may vary"?

    We just have a difference of opinion on this matter. My opinion is that the sites themselves are loaded with lead capture technology and that if you can drive traffic to the sites you will take leads in from the site. It is also my opinion that anyone who is using lead capture technology on the internet should be involved in the promotion of that technology instead of just complaining about not getting any traffic. I guess the point of my previous post was to point out that if you are failing in this business it is not because of your internet host, it is not because of the declining market values across the country, it is not because of the level of service that SIS is providing you... It is YOU!

    Take a deep breathe and then take a look at your business model. Stop blaming others for your lack of success, make a plan of action to revitalize your business, and then take action!

    Christopher Ohlsen
    Mortgage Advisor
    1-866-562-6930 ext.105
    1-518-335-8791 (cell)
    1-518-324-3358 (fax)

    PS: My SIS system is going live on the 16th. I do not expect the optimization to be such that just having the sites up will generate a ton of traffic (though that would be nice). However, I will be doing things such as blogging on the site, PPC, backlinking, constant fresh updating, meta tag tweaks, and various other SEO techniques.

    Also, my next Yellow Book Ad is going live in June and my web address for the Master Site will be and will be in the next Yellow Book.

    I could go from here to explaining tons of ways that don't even have to do with the internet to advertise an internet website but you get the idea.

  • Bi
      9th of May, 2008
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    Well Chris, it is funny that you talk about my "blaming others for my lack of success" - my complaint with SIS has nothing to do with my personal business, success, or lack thereof.

    Nowhere did I mention that I am struggling, or that I was counting on Superior Internet Solutions to get me out of a rut, and now I'm screwed! - or anything like that. I simply signed up for a program and was lied to outright when it came to the execution and end-product that was delivered - like MANY other people that worked with Superior Internet Solutions that you will find right on this website.

    Think about how many people are out there that aren't proactive enough to try to get their voice heard after getting screwed over by Superior Internet Solutions... how many others are there?

    You won't find anything about Myers Interet, or Alamode, or Etrafficers (other large mortgage website design companies) on this website. Only Superior Internet Solutions is responsible for screwing over so many of their clients.

    My complaint was about false expectations - being told what to expect and then getting the complete opposite when it came to execution.

    In my response to your initial comment, I never bashed you or your character, I simply pointed out that your detail and the time spent writing in defense of a company that you (supposedly) don't even work with, or work for, seemed suspicious.

    Now I find that if you're not even working with them yet, so what right do you have to speak in defense of their service?! It's comical that you chime in the way you do.

    So Chris, please find better ways to spend your time. Go write a blog, or a new active rain post, update your myspace... do something productive, lol.

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2008
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    I simply responded because I read a bunch of threads on this site that people wrote that were complaining about not being ranked number 1 in Google right away after purchasing this site package.

    I really hope that the service does not end up being as bad as many people here have stated. You mentioned in your first post in response to mine; "inferior internet solutions as I like to call them". That really makes this seem as though you are familiar with them and that you spend a lot of time thinking about them. Do you work for a competing web site provider? SIS rep did tell me that one of their competitors goes around bashing them in forums likethis... You seem pretty close to the subject matter.

    I am not trying to bash you either. All I am saying is that it is obvious that if you purchase a website and a few thousand other people purchase that same site that you will not get immediate high rankings from search indexes on the web.

    My sites are not live yet but I am working with them already, have recieved excellent service from Phillip Palmejar (the rep I am working with). I did recieve an immediate response from the tech support team when I sent them my domain and requested the DNS info that I will need to set up the domain on my end and I have every right to comment on the information that I have read.

    I will come back here and update everyone once my sites are up and running. I am not here in defense of SIS; I was actually doing some research about them and ran across this post. The most common complaint seems to be that they overpromise...

    I apologize if my post offended anyone and I am sorry if you are offended by what I am about to say. Sales people overpromise. It is a fact and I am sorry if you were all caught off guard. I would think that in this industry that you would expect there to be some shady sales people...

    Bill, I do see your point... No need to try to make me look like an idiot or to devalue my opinion on the matter. You were promised one thing and recieved another.

    I admit that I would be very disappointed if I believed all of the claims and then did not recieve any of what was promised to me.

    My comments are targeted more toward people whom are upset that they are not ranked high in Google immediately upon purchasing a website.

    I am not here to bash you . I responded directly to you because you accused me of being a SIS employee for voicing my opinion. I did state in that first post that:

    "You have to recognize that the people on the other end of the phone selling the sites are sales people working for commissions on instant sales. Of course many of the will be tempted to say what ever they have to say to get you on board... I told the guy that I bought my setup from that I planned to add a blog and tweak the sites for SEO... He told me that I don't need to worry about that because the sites are already optimized and that they have partnerships with Google and Yahoo so I will automatically be ranked high in the search engines... My question to you if you believe that jargon is "ranked high compared to who? The several thousand other people purchasing similiar lead capture technology!?"... You truly can generate a whole lot of leads with SIS system, but if you buy it and don't do anything with it chances are you will feel as though you have been ripped off!"

  • Ch
      22nd of Jun, 2008
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    I just wanted to come back and update everyone here with regard to what I have gotten out of my websites so far. I just got set up and within 1 month took in my first 3 leads. 3 leads is not a lot but based on what I am doing I was not expecting the sites to begin pulling until around August.

    So all in all I am pleased with SIS's performance. There are a couple of things that I feel were represented to me incorrectly by the sales rep during the sales process but the rep has assured me that he is going to have those things corrected. They are not major though and the sites are doing what they are supposed to do.

    You can check my site out at

    I will come back to give you all an update once I get those issues that I mentioned above straightened out.

    Christopher Ohlsen
    Mortgage Advisor
    1-518-907-4665 (direct line)

  • Tu
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    Anybody who is using Superior for their hosting and web design, I strongly suggest you have a friend enter in a fake lead with a good phone # on your website, and watch who calls you. You might be surprised. SHADY INTERNET SOLUTIONS!

  • Ti
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the postings, I was considering but had problems getting to talk to someone. I thought if I was having troubles now, imagine how it would be if I were being charged on my credit cards!

  • To
      19th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Completely agree with what you are saying. This is a company that is built on lies. Don't feel bad, they promise their employees one thing and then screw them up. Should have known that it was coming. All you business people out there, if you get a call from Superior avoid it. This company will want you to believe that they have state of the art facility and will promise you the world to get your business, but once you sign the contract your money is gone for good. All they want to do is get your money so that they can buy expensive trips and gifts for their own loved one's. They pay their employees merely enough to survive and expect the employees to be completely loyal to the company. Business owners of America, I would not be surprised if we come to find out that they are running a sweat shop in Bangladesh. Poor people of that nation. These blood suckers are going to exploit them in all the way they can. The three culprits of this operation are Chris Blank, Terry Faruq and Scott Kirkpatrick. Their local number is 858-436-1180 and their respective extensions are 300 for Scott Kirkpatrick, 301 for Chris Blank and you can try 360 or 370 for Terry Faruq. Once again DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

  • Ar
      10th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    An Ex Employee of this [censor] [censor]ing co. Guys do not ruin your career and never never join SIS

  • Ar
      10th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    SIS founders terry, chris, scott should be hanged publicly for their misdeed. SIS is one of the greatest scam in the history of mankind. Also the ex GM Seth silvernail is also a mother[censor]ing [censor] along with Manager, Shamael

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