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I sent superior discount Coin, $21, 000 for 12 American Gold
Eagle coins. The owner, Mr Jim Burg, kept my money for 3 months, without any product. I asked for a refund, but was denied. I had to hire a lawyer, make a formal complaint to the FBI, county DA, BBB and his advertisers. Only when the advertisers threatened to bar him, thus removing his source of future funds, did he return my money. I was only one of many complaints, according to the DA and his radio advertisers. He has an F rating with the BBB

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  • Ji
      Jul 23, 2009

    First, this client did not buy 12 American gold eagle coins. He bought 12 $20 Liberties, MS62s, to be exact. It was explained from the beginning that premium quality was very difficult to acquire and that there may and probably would be delays in today's market. After his purchase, his funds went toward acquiring these coins. The money was refunded NOT because of any complaints to anyone and everyone, but because the money had to be received back from the wholesaler. After the shipment was received and then returned to the wholesaler, and a refund was made by the wholesaler, the funds were IMMEDIATELY wired to him. Supplies are very short and some products do take some time to acquire at the guaranteed lowest price in the industry, nationwide. Unless you pay a higher investment spread of anywhere between 28% to 45% from other larger companies that maintain these coins in stock, and have a large overhead, in order to save 75% on these investment spreads, it may take a little longer to acquire from the wholesalers. This was explained from the beginning to this client with respect to these particular coins, as with all our clients on certain products, yet some people understandably get anxious and demand their money back after the purchase has been made (which causes even more delays as the products must be received, then returned, then refunded by the wholesaler in order to refund the client's. Other clients are patient in order to save money on their overall investment, BUT every client who has made a purchase from this company has either (1) RECEIVED their coins; or (2) in the event of their request, a FULL REFUND. Despite explanations of the process from the beginning, complaints have been made and, unfortunately, not followed up with the facts, i.e. that the coins have been received, exactly what they purchased at the price they were guaranteed, or that they have received a full refund. In my opinion, when a complaint is made, a followup should also be included in order to provide truthful and accurate information rather than trying to destroy a company due to impatience.

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  • Fa
      Dec 15, 2010

    Jim Burg has hundreds of thousands of dollars of my clients funds which he took, and for which he DID NOT provide coins. Years have gone by with no coins in some cases. If you deal with Jim Burg and Superiordiscountcoins you do so at you own risk. Check out he Judgments in Colorado Federal Court against him and his companies. So if you have been scammed by Burg, like so many others, call Special Agent Kenneth Jackson at the FBI, and report your situation, the FBI is very familiar with the victims of Jim Burg and Superiordiscountcoins. Call the FBI at [protected] to document your criminal complaint.

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  • Tv
      May 27, 2013

    James Peter Burg, his father Bart J. Burg and brother John Edward Burg operated a tax and investment company AMS Financial Consultants in the late 1970's. Bart's resume stated he was a CPA and had attended Northwestern University and boasted MBA from Santa Clara. Bart never attended Northwestern or Santa Clara and was never a CPA. John Burg was briefly a CPA but not during the AMS tax prep years. Bart and Jim formed National Telephone Exchange in Santa Ana with Patrick Nicholas DiCarlo Sr. who represented himself as a graduate of USC with his wife MJ a cheerleader. Pat admitted years later in a deposition that he never graduated from USC. The Burg-DiCarlo etal team scammed multiple investors and with criminal investigations and hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad debt they threaten and intimidate anyone attempting to recoup monies. Bart Burg and Pat DiCarlo have been in these fake businesses with the same result. DiCarlo readily admits he's been investigated for organized crime since -- the late 1970's. It's time to make them pay. DiCarlo and friends were unable to shake Orange County District Attorney Organized Crime investigators until Anthony Rackauckas was elected with the support of DiCarlo in 1998. When DiCarlo was threatened by a Las Vegas "business associate" he called the District Attorney at home and had investigators at his home to take the report. But when they began to investigate him as the perpetrator instead of a victim he complained to Rackauckas who immediately dismantled the Organized Crime Investigation Division and ordered the destruction of all evidence pertaining to past complaints and crimes against DiCarlo. Complaints have been made to various responsible governmental entities. Burg accounting, tax preparation and investment advice - all fraudulent as he has no education or CPA. DiCarlo's USC graduation - all fraudulent. So the pump and dump / ponzi schemes with no repayment of duped investors is a major IRS complaint going back decades.
    AMSAlbaCrossNTE commented on 27 May 2012, 11:24:59
    Bart Burg, Patrick N. DiCarlo Sr., James P Burg (Jim Burg) operated their National Telephone Exchange scam as a part of a continuing criminal enterprise. Charging investors $40, 000 for the rights to sell a fraudulent telecom scheme they scammed investors in San Diego, Encinitas, Santa Barbara, Placerville, Lake Havasu, Tempe, Santa Fe Springs, and more. Patrick N. DiCarlo Sr. whom admits he was under investigation by Organized Crime for various scams and securities fraud stated he graduated USC as an Economics Major with his wife "MJ" a cheerleader. This was a lie. Bart Burg who steered this scam to victims through AMS Financial Consultants with his sons John Edward Burg currently at Wells Fargo Investors in Temecula CA and James “Jim” Peter Burg currently on the run from over $1, 000, 000 due creditors stated he had graduated Northwestern University and Santa Clara - an MBA and held CPA in Illinois and CA with his wife "Ellie" backing up these lies. Jim Burg, son of Bart & Ellie touted his MBA with his brother and sister bragging about the family of CPAs and family wealth. The Burgs continued preparing tax returns and providing "investment" advisce with only youngest son John Edward Burg as a CPA for approximately one year. Burgs and DiCarlos filed bankruptcy and moved on to additional scams in telecom, securities, pump and dump, real estate fraud...AMS Financial Consultants and the Burgs prepared tax returns for unsuspecting victims for decades - never once mentioning the $2, 800, 000 BK fraud prepared to hide their debts from debtors and transfer all assets to their Mommy Eleanor Jeanette Burg. "Ellie" has in her bag of tricks: breaking and entering, stalking, terrorist threats and extortion. Anyone attempting to seek restitution was subjected to the "enforcer" another well-known organized crime figure. National Telephone Exchange, NTE, and other telecom companies continued in later schemes as EEC, TEC, Charbonages D'Amercoeur with DiCarlo and Burg continuing their pump and dump, and Canadian Stock Exchange and US "Reverse Mergers" with the only $ pocketed by Burg, DiCarlo and their "connected" associates. Until they are brought to justice BEWARE.
    James Peter Burg has billed himself as a tax professional and investment advisor from the late 1970's - originally in California. His investors have lost everything for decades. He was Controller and a founder in National Telephone Exchange. His tax practice AMS Financial Consultants in Tustin CA, Burg & Billmeier, Burg Ent. all fraudulent. He changed from tax prep fraud to telecom investment fraud to gold sales when he moved to Santa Barbara Deak and Co faced allegations from the President's Commission on Organized Crime that they laundered money for Latin American drug traffickers, facilitated the Lockheed bribery scandals, and smuggled currency from the Philippines. (see Wikipedia – Goldline History) Goldline, under scrutiny by District Attorneys, Congress, FTC SEC and traces its corporate history to Deak Investor Services where James Peter Burg landed following National Telephone Exchange, based in Santa Ana, CA doing business across the US. James Peter Burg and his wife Suzanne Cardin aka Suzanne Burg "left California" for Arizona and Swiss America Trading and now flaunts its BBB F- rating from Colorado where they moved to escape AZ. Flaunting multi-million dollar homes, ranches, expensive cars and lifestyle-they file BK on a regular basis. There is no buyer beware when the INVESTMENT ADVICE comes from a family of CPAs, SEC Investment Advisors that won't answer simple tax return or investment questions about Alba-Cross, Ltd., Automated Administrators, National Telephone Exchange...the list goes on.
    There's so much more to these stories...
    Check out the CO judgments for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Cases involving James “Jim” Peter Burg and his wife/partner Suzanne Marie Cardin a/k/a Burg
    Jim Burg CO Superior Discount Coin running from investigative reporter Jace Larson
    Jim Burg – Suzanne Cardin (Burg) Superior Discount Coins Victims & ongoing Fraud by investigative reporter Jace Larson
    Jim Burg No Show for Bankruptcy Hearing in CO to Avoid Creditors
    More Victims contact investigative reporter Jace Larson
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    Brooks et al v. Burg et al
    Filed: August 23, 2010as 1:2010cv02031Updated: July 1, 2011 02:30:16
    Plaintiffs: Gail Brooks, Victor F. Vaicius, Ronald N. Ulrich, Marjorie L. Ulrich, Michael Pridham and others
    Defendants: James (I) Peter Burg, James Peter Burg, Suzanne (I) M. Cardin Burg, Suzanne M. Cardin Burg, S. Cardin & Associates, L.L.C. and others
    Cause Of Action: Diversity-Racketeering (RICO) Act
    Court:Tenth Circuit > Colorado > District Court
    Type:Other Statutes > Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
    Thomas et al v. Burg et al
    Filed: May 13, 2010as 1:2010cv01108Updated: July 1, 2011 01:33:51
    Plaintiffs: Bentley L. Thomas, John N. Lawson, Barbara A. Lawson and Aileen J. Serbeniuk
    Defendants: James Peter Burg, Suzanne (I) M. Cardin Burg, Suzanne M. Cardin Burg, S. Cardin & Associates, L.L.C., Gold Run Investments and others
    Judge: Robert E. Blackburn
    Cause Of Action: Racketeering (RICO) Act
    Court:Tenth Circuit > Colorado > District Court
    Type:Other Statutes > Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

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