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We have been cheated by a company call AAA Expert Construction. Only after three weeks of installation of the new roof, it had been blown away by the wind. It’s the caps on the edge of the roof which is used to anchor the roof. It should be the last thing of a house to be blown away by the wind, not even mention if they install the roof. Our entire neighbor’s roofs are much older than ours, has no impact at all. We are scammed by the company of promising of 10 years of workmanship’s warranty and 30 years manufacturer material warranty. Only after three’s weeks of installation of the roof, they claim of not being covered by the wind and will only cover the wear and tear. Not only had they cheated us by using the cheap materials, but also by hiring some inexperienced workers to do the installations. In fact the material they used is dirt cheap. The owner Mark L. is one nasty not to mention greedy piss poor excuse of a person and the manager Taner Dokon is just as bad. I don’t recommend anyone using this company. The roof that was original in the house was better than the dirt cheap ones they threw in. The company also has more complaints with product quality. They show you this nice beautiful solid roofing and throw in the cheapest materials they can. But, PLEASE use caution when choosing contractors there are a lot of scammers out there. I hope to help at least one person from getting ripped off like we did.


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  • Ma
      Oct 10, 2013

    This woman is a liar and creep. It is amazing how easy it is to ruin a companies reputation
    1/2 truths and flat out lies. What she neglects to mention is the cause of the flashing to blow off was hurricane sandy. The Full roof replacement we did weathered the storm, but the aluminum flashing did not. Further I offered to replace it at cost which I have no obligation to do. That was not good enough for her. So the truth is we did a 20, 000 roof job for her and $600 worth of flashing did not make it through a HURRICANE!!! and her way to deal with it is this kind of nonsense. and Im the poor excuse for a person.

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