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Superbiiz / Lies, extortion

1 United States

Last week I ordered some items that were in stock. By Friday I noticed they had still not shipped yet so I sent an email asking for an ETA. I’ll note right here that in ~10 emails and my repeating this question several times they continued to dodge it. Towards the end of Monday they said since my shipping address (my work) was different from my billing address (my apartment, where I don’t want $400 packages sitting on my porch all day) they’d have to verify it with my bank. But don’t worry, they’ll contact my bank first thing in the morning and let me know asap.

I called my credit union before them and made super sure they have my work address on file. They also mentioned they had never ever encountered this sort of billing/shipping verification before and it seemed extremely unusual. So Tuesday happens, and first thing in the morning is apparently around 2pm. They say they were unable to verify address, and suggest a conference call, just call us at ###. Of course no one answers (they’ve answered 0/3 phone calls) so I leave a message. I also email superbiiz as well. I call my credit union to verify my work address, yep its there. My credit union also volunteers that no one from superbiiz has made any attempt at contact in any form. Nor has there been any authorization attempt (i.e. the normal thing to do) with my card.

They finally started emailing me back around 5:30. They continue to dodge questions and ignore half of what I say. They let slip that one of the items is in high demand and they’re not sure when they’ll get more. So they either lied about stock or gave my item to someone else when they messed up their super special process. Speaking of which, they say as a smaller company it is necessary to take extra steps for security. Halfway through this conversation I forwarded an email to another address I have which is on my phone. Whole new email address and different writing style (I type differently with my thumbs) and they didn’t blink. They’re totally fine with sending personal information to a completely new unexplained unverified email address. And to be clear, the personal information has included my name, my phone number, my home and work address, last 4 digits of card, my bank, and the items I ordered. Oh yeah they’re super concerned about security. I guess giving someone information and motivation to break in, rob, and murder me doesn’t matter because no chance of fraud chargeback. Continuing on the lying front, being a California based company they didn’t realize how special they were being when they said they called my bank at 4:00pm their time when me and my credit union are east coast time.

In the end, they said if I paid an extra 4 times my previous shipping then maybe I’ll get my items within 3 weeks of the order date. I said no thank you and began writing this.

Jul 21, 2015

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