[Resolved] Super tech hospitalfalse treatment

Dr Deepak Ranade is a neuro spine surgeon stationed in chinchwad, pune

The following episode happned with me in the year 2012 november

I went to him for my spine problem. He asked me to do MRI scan. It was observed that my disc at L4-L5 level has bulged out and is pressing the nerve going down the left leg. This was causing immense pain due to which I was barely able to walk,
Generally these type of problems are cured through physiotheraphy. Only 5% of cases requires surgery (minimal invasion or major invasive).
However this Doc directly put me directly through endoscopy (minimal invasive spine surgery). He said this is the best alternative to major surgery and i can get back to work within 15 days. Further to this he said I have conducted 600 operations. He poured knowledge and i was taken away by his sweet talks, He did not even charged me for visits and allowed me to stay in his hospital free of cost for 2 days (operation took place in another hospital)

After having gone through the endoscopic spine surgery (dissectomy), my situation worsened. My back started to ace badly (this was not there pre-operative) and I developed condition called sitica. This could have been averted had he put me through physiotherapy, then nerve root block. Please note that this kind of surgery involves removal of small part of disc and incision causes the air tight compartment of spine area to break.

I myself then did some data browsing on similar cases. My findings corroborated with other doctors from similar filed. The data says endoscopy only yeilds 40% results. This particular doctor just wanted to use his newly brought endoscopic equipment on me. Upon furter investigation i found that he had only conducted 3 such operations.

Post operation when my condition did not improve this fellow stared to conduct sessions with me to pacify me. When he released i am not giving up, he just worte a letter to another doctor for opinion. He said i am too skeptical and situation will improve within 6 month to a year. Had he informed me about this earlier i would have avoided the surgery.

I am still suffering. This has affected badly my family and work, I was so carried away with his talks that when i released this operation was not successful, i went into mental depression. It took 6 months for me to come out of it.

My sincere request to readers/sufferers to avoid such doctors who with their gullible talks wants to make quick bucks and put patient's work life balance at risk,

  • Resolution statement

    I would like to take it back so that more evidence can be gathered. I need to under go a surgery as suggested by my current doctor, I will take it up with the case as soon as i recover out of surgery

Jan 10, 2015

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