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Super Service Inc / Terrible experience

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I've worked for a couple other trucking companies that I thought were bad enough but nothing like Super Service Inc in Somerset Ky. Before I get to what they did to me I'd like to give a general idea of things I dealt with up until this point. Ok, went to work for them and was actually excited to be away from companies like Swift and CRST but little did I know how bad a company can be. They push you to drive illegal at any point time they see fit, although I'm not against bending rules, it was really bad and often loads they could have given earlier to lower this. Anyways I busted my butt month after month for these people with not much respect for doing so, and one day I slipped and busted the side of my calf very bad. Looked like a soft ball growing inside it. I called the safety dept and was practically yelled at and told to go their doc office they use. I told the guy I wasn't filing a claim because it was my fault and to relax, he didn't. Went to the office they advised in a cab and was closed. Went to the hospital and they xrayed, etc, by this time I can't even stand and left leg is huge. Went back to truck and asked to allow me to get the truck back to Somerset but they refused saying I needed a load to move. I was only 100 miles from the main Somerset terminal. THey made me pickup a load thinking I could relay up there but then want me to go to Atlanta with it, and I can't even walk!!! After learning I wasn't relaying I told them to get someone down to pick it up and get me out of this truck, they still didn't or would let me drive there. Said I had to pickup another load to work my way there! I finally just parked and got a motel room for days until I could walk (with a limp) and called them to pickup a load, the Fleet Manager who was behind this mishandling practically yelled at me saying if I didn't drive that truck to the terminal right now they'd send someone to come get it. Uhm.. same thing I've been begging for earlier in the week. Trust me, this went exactly like I'm writing. Anyways, drive it to Somerset, now 250 miles away. They acted nice when I got there and saw my leg, but then the safety guy comes in asking why I have an attitude toward him. Uhm.. I explained he shouldn't talk that way to drivers when they are injured and very disrespectful. He blew it off like I'm crazy and stomped off. I went back to work, still limping after seeing their doc, and later quit. I dropped off the truck where they told me at a Gainey terminal near York PA. Over a year later that I'm now looking to get back into trucking I find out they have completely smeared me on my DAC report and JUST NOW was turned down by Knight trucking specifically because of this smear saying I'm not rehirable and broke company policies!! How do I break any policy by quitting and turning in their truck just where they say to?!?!??!?!? Now I'm waiting to get a copy of my DAC, which i need to even BEGIN to dispute this and will take weeks. Must have to dispute. Do not work for Super Service Inc for any reason. They will treat you like crap until you quit and then bad mouth you on your DAC. I'm filing anything and everything against this company.

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      31st of Mar, 2015
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    Super Service is a terrible company to work for. Their offices are comfortable to say the least, yet they deliberately disable the idle features on their trucks. You spend more hours unpaid loading and unloading then you driving.You're told to show this time off duty. That way, after sitting all day, you can then drive all night with no sleep. Hometime is a joke. If you do get home, it's usually with a load that has to be unloaded in the middle of your so called hometime. Blow a tire? They'll try to get you to drag it to a shop somewhere, rather than send road service. This company missed being shut down by one point, yet they continue to consider themselves above the law and push their drivers to run illegal. Stay far far away from Super Service!!!

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