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Super service Trucking company, ask me to come to there orientation. I did there paper work, and took there road test. and was waiting for 2 hours with no word from the orientation person on what is next, and he said O Yes we want to talk to you in the office.

The Orientation person took me in a empty office were the person I was waiting for 30 minutes did not show up, I got up from my seat looked out the door and saw the orientation person talking to another person, they waived me over.

I went over they took me in the office and said were sorry but we can not hire you. I took my belongings and left there.

I went home and started to look for another trucking job, I had a company on the phone and the recruiter said to me ON YOUR D.A.C WE SEE YOU WERE FIRED FROM SUPER SERVICE TRUCKING COMPANY. I called SUPER SERVICE and talked to the person who said they would not hire me and He said what do you want me to do take it off, I said make this right you did not hire me so you could not have fired me, He said let me get back to you on this.

3 days later SUPER SERVICE did not get back to me after I was told they would call me back in a day.

I spoke with the person in SUPER SERVICE WHO SAID THEY WOULD NOT HIRE ME. He said we can not change what we put in your D.A.C THAT WE FIRED YOU, THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS. THEY LIED ABOUT FIRING ME ON MY DAC.


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