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Super Pet / Animal Cruelty & Rotten pet food.

1 Salisbury, MD, United States

This Store is Horrible...

They have been caught many times Abusing the animals and Selling ILLEGAL reptiles...

The Snakes there are infected with mites, tiny insects crawling around there eyes sucking the blood.

All the Mammals you buy there are sick. The dogs, Rodents, and cats there die in 3 days. Spending thousands of dollars on the dog and the Vet...

I have bought 3 animals there, All died in 3-5 days..

One snake I bought died of scale ROT.

2 guinea pigs I bought were already sick and died.

I then bought a Guinea Pig from PetSmart from down the road and lasted 4-5 YEARS!!

They also have a FULL GROWN Boa in a very tiny tank which is listed under Animal Cruelty.

The frozen mice you buy there are not even frozen. They use a broken Fridge to freeze there mice.

They are rotten and can actually KILL your pet Snake.

These Animals are near to death and the manager refuses to do anything about as my neighbor already complained to him about it...he does not want to waste money.

We need to do something about this messy place.

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