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Super Acai / unauthorized charges

Chestertown, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 518-494-3613
I received a call from World Financial Nat.Bank Fraud Dept. two unauthorized charges 0n my credit card one for $34.00and one for $4.00 from DRI Reg net ord. Please look into this matter soon and remove these charges. Thank you John E>Palmatier


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  20th of Jan, 2009
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I need to know how to go about putting a complaint against Super Acai 1-866-376-4078 and Gen E X Diet 1-866-360-1477. I paid shippping and handling for a free 30 day trial at the beginning of January. I received the product and on Jan 17th, they took $148 out of my bank account. I am very upset over this and can assure you that I will never order anything from the internet again. But I need some help with this? You have my email so please email me and let me know what other people have done about this.
  22nd of Jan, 2009
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We had a very similar situation although it was for $70, not $148. they tried to charge us before and the bank fraud dept caught it and called us - we were able to decline the transaction, however this last one got through. We are now trying to show burden of proof to our bank's fraud department that we didn't authorize the transaction. since they tried twice, we're now cancelling this card and ordering a new one.

I think the advice to everyone out there is DO NOT TRIAL SUPER ACAI SUPPLEMENT! they'll get your card for shipping the free trial, and then start charging you at will.
  26th of Jan, 2009
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i strongely agree. i did the free trial paid the shipping then next thing i know is there is a new bottle in my mailbox and they took the money right out of my checking account it was $70. i sent the bottle right ack to them. how do i go about geting my money back.
  26th of Jan, 2009
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My credit card company called to alert me of this suspicious charge, must have been receiving many such charges from customers!

I asked for phone number associated with charge for ACAI berry and Bromolite. Called both companies and canceled. BE SURE TO GET account/order numbers and cancellation numbers so your credit card company can dispute and request refund of payment if necessary.

Otherwise, contact credit card company to be issued a new card. Major pain ... as all other accounts with auto debit will need to be notified of new number...

BTW, I told nice phone person that he aught to be ashamed working for such a disreputable company... People/companies are becoming more desperate to make an illegal buck now that Bush has ruined the US economy! Obama can't do it all, we need to be aware and fight back ourselves!
  26th of Jan, 2009
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Everything on this page is exactly correct! I am proof of their unscrupelious practices at the tune of $69.95. Do not send away for a sample of ACAI Supreme or ACAI berry anthing. DONT send away for a sample of Nutri-Brite either...you'll end up loosing $95.00 out of your account, with NO PHONE number or contact number. I have had to file fraud charges with my bank, and I will continue until they get the message...THIS IS FRAUD!
  26th of Nov, 2010
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I am the same i orderd the pre trial only to look on my online banking at the end of the month to see 2 payments of 75.00 i rang them and they are only prepared to refund me 1 payment. They are saying its in the small print after 14 days that they take the full asking price. Its weeks to xmas i am a single mum and i am down 150.00 i dont no what way to turn! Surely there must be help out thre for people le myself?
  9th of Dec, 2010
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My mum has just been scammed by www.superacai.co.uk. She has been charged one paymet of £75.00 and one payment of £79.95 without her knowledge. Does anyone know how this can be resolved? Super Acai have advised that this was in their terms and conditions but this was not made clear when she was ordering the tablets. My mum is not in a position to have over £150 go out of her bank especially so close to christmas!!! So angry
  13th of Dec, 2010
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They have done it to me as well, I don't know where to go with this. They took two lots of £80 within one month and I have only just discovered this. I will be speaking to my bank to see what we can do.
  16th of Dec, 2010
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yes ive just been conned out of £75.00 done all that i was asked but couldent get through to company on phone so emailed them . To no avail still charged tried credit card company barclaycard they cant help so in desparation have cancelled my card. I cant afford this, feel very stupid to have been conned . DONT TRY ACAI OR HOODIA its a con ! 16 december very dissapointed jan
  16th of Dec, 2010
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I have been conned out £235. I went for the trial at £4.95. There was nothing to indicate that there would be further charges. It is only now after checking my bank statements over the last three months that I discover what has been going on. Ther terms and conditions section is now on the bottom of their advert. This was NOT so when I fell into the trap. I would NEVER have accepted the trial if I had known what is now in the small print. I have contacted my bank and their fraud department is looking into this. I have also contacted Watchdog hoping the publicity will stop others from getting conned. Geoff Alderson. York
  29th of Dec, 2010
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Fully agree with the above. I have just discovered that I an down by £154.95. I have cancelled my card to prevent any further payments and spoken to my bank, who advise me to put in a VISA Dispute Form so they can investigate. However, they don't hold out much hope of gettng my money back.
I also phoned the 0800 number and was cut off as I started speaking. I have emailed as per the Terms and Conditions (which did not exist on the website when I did the original request for the trial) and cancelled the account so lets see if they take any notice of that!!
  4th of Jan, 2011
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This has just happened to me I only went online to double check my bank balance and notice that they had charged me £75 for my order!
I saw nothing about this when i ordered the bottles and also the order form that i received after my initial trial order at £2.49. Also it is only right at the very bottom of the page that they explain this and not even very clearly.
The amount of money they must make by conning & deceiving innocent people is disgusting, many people I am sure that like me will just have read the top part with the form & a few of the reveiws.
The fact they dont send renewal notices/emails saying your trial is almost over etc... before is practically fraud people wouldnt stand for it if it was car insurance of even a phone bill I have rang today and cancelled my direct debit with them but i am now £75 out of pocket
  6th of Jan, 2011
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I ordered this " free trial " for my wife just after Xmas and should have suspected a scam because of the low cost. I am normally very alert to scams but these lot are very clever indeed. Anyway received these items today, approx 1 week after despatch so trial already underway. My wife was very excited and wanted to try them from tomorrow, but then my suspicious nature took over and I decided to thoroughly research product including side effects and came across this complaints site. Fortunately had not even opened the bottles so looked up their terms and conditions which were pretty onerous and totally biased against the consumer. Phoned the 0800 number and after a ten minute wait got through-- woman at the other end sounded either American or Canadian and tried her best to get me to continue with trial. When it became obvious I was not prepared to budge, reluctantly gave me a RMA no: to return package via Royal Mail to address in Guildford. To be on the safe side I have also e-mailed them confirming cancellation and will keep a close eye on my credit card statements. Thanks to all for exposing this sham. There are probably benefits to the products but no-one should be subject to such con tricks.

AS Surrey
  6th of Jan, 2011
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I ordered their "free trial" products a few days ago, and got them quite quick.It was only today that i checked my bank statement and noticed the £2.49 charge.Out of instinct, I started researching through the internet and thats how i came across this website .I'm worried as I can't afford to pay £70 for this, so before this goes any further I've contacted my bank and had my card blocked.I'm not sure if this will be enough to stop them taking any further payments and/or if I now have to return their bottles.Hopefully this will be the end of it.
  7th of Jan, 2011
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I too ordered these, I have not even recived the berries, and they took £75 out of my bank without me authorizing this and also set up a standing order to take more money out, Im disgusted, how can people rip of human beings like that. I have tried contacting them by phone and e-mails, no reply and phone just picking up saying you are in a queque please wait-last for hours. I contacted watchdog and trading standards and told them, but theres not alot they can do as I gave them my bank details for the £2.99 postage. This is fraud how can we stop it???
  14th of Jan, 2011
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I have had £141 taken out of my bank within 2 weeks. £66.60 before recieving all pills (which i dare not take because I now KNOW they are a con) Bank not helpfull until I threatened to swap my account to another bank. Fraud squad have taken it on. DONOT ORDER FREE TRIAL, YOU CANNOT CANCEL EASILY THEY DON'T ANSWER PHONE. YOU CANNOT E MAIL THEY BOUNCE BACK. I AM ANGRY WITH MYSELF FOR FALLING FOR IT BUT I WILL FIGHT. Worried about those poor people who don't have the ability to fight this, IT IS WRONG.
  14th of Jan, 2011
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  14th of Jan, 2011
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Just got caught out on this, I'm more concerned by the british bankings attitude to their customers. Assuming this is not moderated (the posts) I'm putting my email addy on here for people to email me, i'd like to know what problems people are having with the banks to sort this (Superacai) problem out, I cant take on all your queiries. But I'm going to sort this out for me, so can let you know how to do it.

Email address superacai at mynamepaul n mynamejulia dot co dot uk
ok u need to take out the gaps and myname and work out the at and dot for yourself.

Lets get the show on the road.
  16th of Jan, 2011
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Super Acai scam (and the Hoodia stuff) - dude behind this scam he is in Florida and the company is called Skyway Media aka Csu8.com

Ray Quimby is another name linked to that address.

The domain of Csu8.com expires in 2 days (18 Jan) so expect these crooks to do a runner)

Best bet is if folks report this scam to the Florida Attorney General - you can do that online at:

Florida Attorney General already busted some other Acai scams, man what is it with Florida and Acai scams?! They should feed all these damn scammers to the swamp alligators. Anyway if the Florida AG get enough complaints about Super acai scams then maybe they will take action against em. Might as well file a complaint with the FTC too: https://ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en
  17th of Jan, 2011
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lives in England not USA, but Skyway Media Inc is also his company so report to Florida AG and FTC.

Damn swamp dwelling scammers.

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