Suntrust Banks / poor customer service disrespectful and intrusive staff

In the last year, I have visited the N Kendall Drive branch due to the fact that I am the personal representative of one of their customers who passed away. I have been accompanied by a relative. The have been hostile to us, second guessing our intentions as if we were into fraud or something similar. I have court papers that allow me to open the safe box number 66211. Since we didn't have the key, they took a long time to finally get us an appointment with a locksmith. During those weeks, I called several times to make sure they had the documentation needed to make the appointment. I called the Branch Manager, Angela Gonzalez, left messages and she never called me back. The other employees did the bare minimum to help and it was only when I manifested how upset I was that they made the appointment for me. This week, Ms. Gonzalez, the Branch Manager, called me to let me know that they were cancelling the appointment because the box had another owner and that owner had opened the box. It wasn't until yesterday that I was informed that the box had another owner and that for that reason I couldn't open the box. They could have let me know since I did my first request. I was aware that one of the checking accounts that belonged to the deceased person, of whom I am the personal representative, had a co-owner. However, I did not know about the safe. In another occasion, when I went to close another checking account that did belong to the deceased customer only, the Manager in a harsh way gave me the remaining money with a check payable to "the Estate of Leonel de la Cuesta" (the deceased), not without reiterating that the check was to be deposited into the estate account and not my personal account. I never asked this information from her, as I perfectly know the difference between my personal account and the estate's account. I did not appreciate the way this Branch Manager, Ms. Angie Gonzalez, addressed me. In short, they did not give me the information that I needed, that the safe had another owner and therefore I could not open it, even with a court order, and instead they made me wait for weeks for the appointment, after many phone calls. Together with this I received a disrespectful treatment as if I were trying to steal something that did not belong to me. Intrusive, disrespectful and poor customer service. They made me waist my time and questioned my integrity.

May 31, 2018

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