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Suntasia / Strategia / Suntasia changes corporate name!

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This is to let all of you know that the owners of Suntasia have changed their corporate name to Strategia Marketing, LLC. I just happen to drive by their building on the way to the beach and sure enough there it was. Same colors and logo as the prior name but it is still the same scam.

The company claims they merged with another one but nothing can be farther from the truth. It is same suspects still running the show. The only reason the owners of Suntasia changed their name is bc of all the complaints logged against them. If you look at their Better Business Bureau Report it is full of complaints. Click below.

Now they have a clean slate with a new name Strategia bc they are not listed or registered with the Better Business Bureau. Same old scam though, you qualify for free gas and travel vouchers or grocery vouchers and they want you to give up your bank information to bill you whenever they want to.

The only difference in this new company as oppose to the old one is that Bryon Wolf, Roy Eliasson and Fred Wolf are all managers at Strategia which is a limited liability company. Suntasia was a full fledged corporation with a President, Vice President and so on.

You can view the incorporation documents yourself by going to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations website at:

Then type in the names of the old and new company...> Strategia Marketing and Suntasia Properties Inc separately to see the difference. Don't be fooled bc they are continuing to promote the same product. They are as follows.

Travel Agents Go Direct
Credit Life
Freedom Gold
Freedom Ring Communications
Florida Direct
West gates Resorts

Here is a list of programs they use to promote:

Agents Travel Network
Distinct Advantage (no longer promoting, changed to Variety)
Prism Communications (no longer promoting, changed to Freedom Ring)
Capitol Vacations
Florida Passport
Travel Agency Network
Teliflex Communications

Remember it's always a different name but the same scam. You'll receive $400 of travel or grocery vouchers along with $100 of gas vouchers in exchange for your bank information. DON'T BE FOOLED! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

If you receive a call from them and want it to stop, just send them a "certified" CEASE and DESIST letter. The calls will stop I promise, otherwise Suntasia / Strategia will be facing a major lawsuit and these crooks know it very well.

Hope this helps you understand a little bit better who these clowns are.

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  • Fo
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    Suntasia / Strategia - Never got paid, even my first paycheck
    United States

    I worked there for one day and never got paid for it. They tell you to sign for a telemarketing license and if you quit on the first day, you lose your fees of around $50.00 or so. The worst part is there is no evidence on the supposed license they charge you as a new hire employee.

    Maybe this is one way they have Bonus Money to give out to there employees and managers?

  • Lo
      20th of Jul, 2007
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    Another Alert On Suntasia/Strategia Promotions Below:


    Variety's Telemarketing Tactics Deceptive And Questionable
    Caller ID Displays 727-252-0434, Toll-Free 877-777-2709

    Spokane, WA- May 24, 2007 - Variety is targeting our region with telemarketing calls that are raising red flags which include the quoting of sensitive personal info BEFORE you even give it to them!

    Variety has the following contact info:

    13785 Walsingham Road, Suite 113 , Largo , FL, 33774-3221, phone (800) 869-2909 (plus a slew of other 800#s), web site:

    This company has an unsatisfactory record with the West Florida BBB due to a pattern of complaints and has failed to correct the underlying reason for the complaints. Complaints mostly concern sales practice issues.

    A regional consumer called to report that she received a call from Variety stating that she was on a "special list" and was "chosen" to receive a variety of coupons and other free offers, but they first required her social security number as well as her check numbers. The consumer refused to give this sensitive information to a cold caller.

    The number that showed up on her Caller ID was: 727-252-0434.

    When the BBB researched this number at: we came up with a report for as well as a report for Travel Agents Go Direct with the following contact info:

    11125 Park Blvd., Suite 104 - 364, Seminole , FL , 33772-4757 , phone (888) 546- 8844, web site:

    This company has an unsatisfactory record with the West Florida BBB due to failure to respond to one or more complaints and two or more unresolved complaints. However, the business has resolved most complaints presented by the BBB. As of the date of this release, this company has had 259 complaints in the last three-year reporting period. Complaints mostly concern billing, sales and refund issues.

    The BBB did further research regarding this number by surfing online, and came up with a variety of blog sites that relayed such things about the 727-252-0434 number as:

    1. "Called me today on my cell phone and said I am eligible for $100 in gas coupons. They asked to confirm my name and address, and then asked for my bank name and account number. The lady who talked to me called her supervisor, and her supervisor talked to me because I refused to give my bank info. I finally got tired of playing along, and hung up.

    2. "I received an enormous amount of calls from Variety to my pre-paid cell phone. They wanted my personal information including my bank account numbers, home address and my SSN."

    3. "Told me i earned 100$ in free gas vouchers for good banking account usage. Wanted the bank I used. Wouldn't give it to him. Tried to keep me on the phone and convince me he was trying to verify information. Didn't fall for it and hung up!"

    4. "I recieved an obsessive amount of calls on my cell phone from Variety wanting personal information including my bank account numbers, home address and birth city. I urge you all to report this to the FCC at:"


    1. Gain as much information on the company you are speaking to as possible before you confirm or verify ANY personal info. If the caller hesitates or refuses to answer your questions, promptly end the call by telling them to take you off their list or you will report them to the FTC and hang up.

    2. If the calls become harassment, then report them to the FCC, as well.

    3. Whenever your personal information is quoted back to you by someone you don't know, hang up ASAP and contact the appropriate bank or credit card company(ies) and report that your personal info was quoted to you by a stranger. Request that no unauthorized charges go through without your permission. Then----

    4. Check ALL bank and credit card statements regularly. In fact, make this a habit. If any questionable or unauthorized transactions are present, you can be pro- active ASAP.

    5. Check the company out with the BBB FIRST before agreeing to anything via a cold call. If you have an unresolved issue concerning this or other companies, file formal complaints with your local BBB for resolve!


    If you want to see the warning for yourself then copy and paste the link below.

  • Br
      25th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    These guys are true scammers...

  • Lo
      29th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Former Employees Speak Out Publicly About Suntasia's Inside Operations.

    For those who don't know how everything operated at Suntasia Marketing, I am going to link you to a website that gives you inside information on how these crooks got away with this scam for so long. Everything that has been posted here concerning the questionable practices of this company is true. Now here it for yourself.

    Alex Eckelberry is the host of the website where he did a podcast interview with two former Suntasia (aka Strategia Marketing) employees. The two women agreed to be interviewed providing that their REAL names be with held due to fear of retaliation. They go by the names Stephanie and Carol. Many of the things they revealed I experienced myself but the fact that it is verified by these two women proves what I and others have been posting all along.

    They talked about how;

    * they presented the script over the phone to the unsuspecting consumer and how the agents tricked consumers by asking the name & city location of their bank so they could pull up the routing number and pretend to have their account #.

    * they heard other agents (ballers: high sales people) misrepresent themselves by saying that they needed the account number to verify that they had an open checking account.

    * everyone had to use the main key word "TODAY" because that was stating in the recording that they are not being billed for that day, but what Suntasia's agents don't tell you is that the consumer is going to be billed the next day and the next days to come even though it was suppose to be a two week free trial.

    * they rebuttaled the person over and over again if they didn't want to give up their account information. The slick wording that was used.

    * Suntasia management also scammed the employees when their paychecks were wrong and how hard it was to get it corrected.

    * Suntasia doesn't care about your experience and just wanted you on the phone to make sales as quickly as possible.

    * they felt the area (company grounds) was very restricted because of all the so called "secrets" between each room that was selling different products.

    * the three different offers had three different numbers to call in case the consumer wanted to cancel. Unfortunately the consumer wasn't made aware of this.

    * the sales person would claim they were in the shipping department and never would give details about the products being offered.

    To hear the entire interview, you can download the Mp3 podcast by copying and pasting the link below.

    A blank screen will pop up and a little white box in the bottom left hand corner will appear. Once the audio clip has finished downloading, the screen will show a gray Quicktime audio bar. From there you can click play. The interview is very lengthy but so worth it. I hope this helps you understand how massive this scam was.

  • Bi
      12th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Guess What...They are back in business. They think they can hide from authorities by scamming from overseas/offshore. Same people same scam plus some bolder scams because they think they can trick the FTC. These guys are bolder than you think. They think they are smarter then the feds, bragging about not getting caught and hiding all of their profits from the feds. Aparently so since they have restarted their operations.

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