sunshine rentalswas ripped off

I rented a single scooter for 4 hrs at Sunshine rentals in Key West. Owner asked me to sighn a contract and live deposit 300 doll, which I did. As I understood contract company might keep my deposit only in case of phisical damage to scooter. I brought back scooter on time and without any damage, but the owner Marc said me that his wife saw me and my boyfriend was riding a scooter together, which is true, and thats why he will keep the deposit.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Key West, FLI understand that I made a mistake and was ready to pay a fee or something for the second person, but they keep all my deposit!!! THERE IS NO SUCH A POSSIBILITY IN THE CONTRACT! I was shoked and of course start arguing, but the owner called the police to get me out of the office. That is how I lost 300 doll for nothing. Later I found the simular stories about his company in the internet. I dont how do they still doing business. Owner have no respect around locals and was already arrested before as well as his wife.

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