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Sunshine Electronics - NIkon D90 / Delaye Shipping - Bogus Excuses

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Phone: 877-393-6205

First of all, I wish I would?ve read the rip-off before the transaction was made with Sunshine Electronics. I?m a potential buyer and also an amateur ebayer.
I had browsed around ebay looking for a mid-range professional camera. And noticed DSN had a nice bundle for a desent price. I asked the seller a couple of questions about the item and a few others regarding shipping and payment methods. Costumer Service ?seemed? very nice. I looked thru the top feedback left and everything seemed fine, they had a respectable percentage of positive feedback. Although, I didn?t go over their entire page of feedback.
As of October 17, 2008. I had purchased a Nikon D90 camera bundle for a ?cheap price?.
I needed the camera in a few days for an upcoming event, and also as an upgrade for my old camera.
I had very low balance on my PayPal account. Transfering the necessary amount from my bank account was going to take 5 days. So I sent an eCheck from my bank account thru PayPal.
The eCheck cleared on October 22, 2008. That same day around noon I called Sunshine Electronics Costumer Service line requesting Next Day shipping, which was $79.99 for Texas. After waiting 15 minutes on hold.The costumer assistant assured me that the item was going to be shipped later that day, and that I should have it next day, Friday 23rd.
Item did not arrive on Friday 23rd as promised. They are closed on Saturdays so I called Sunday and Talked to a guy named Peter after I was put on hold for 10 minutes. I told him I had paid for extra shipping so I could have the item the following day. He answered abruptly ?Yeah, I know, I know? Your item should be shipped out by tomorrow?. I didn?t reply rudely but hoped that the item shipped on Monday 27th like he said.
Same day, Sunday 26th . 30 minutes after I had talked to Peter I called again and waited another 10 minutes talked to a different guy. He said they had been having problems with the D90s. He said it was an error code of some kind, and apparently that was the reason for the delay. But he re-assured me that the item would be shipped out by Monday 27th.
I called on Monday 27th early in the morning, just to make sure my item was going to be shipping out that day, since it did not ship out when it was suppost to on Thursday 22nd.After 17minutes I Talked to a guy named Dexter I believe. He affirmed that the item was going to ship out that day and that they would send the UPS tracking number after 7pm.
Monday 27th. 10pm? Never received any tracking number. I?m starting to get a little more conserned about my purchase. Could this be a scam I even thought to myself.
Tuesday 28th?I still have not received my item. I?m very conserned about the situation at this point and I?m starting to get a little upset. I go and google -UPS tracking thru sunshine electronics- and to my luck?.. I come to find out about all of these Rip-Offs from this particular company, sunshine electronics. ?I?m very upset and speechless?.
I call the company and I believe I spoke to Dexter. He said my item Should be shipping out ?the next day. And that I should be getting an email with the UPS tracking number. So I went with that, and just out of curiousity I called 5 minutes after I had talked to Dexter. I could?ve sworn it was the same guy. Suprisingly enough I waited a minute or two? ?Yes I?m calling to cancel my order? after I gave him my order number he said ?OH! ...Hmmm Your order has already been shipped out.?
Very ticked off about all this mess. I call roughly 30 minutes after I had talked to Dexter to see what their lame excuse would be this time. This time I spoke with Peter. I asked him what the hold-up was with the camera eventhough I had already cancelled my order. He said ?Your camera is in the warehouse. It should shipp out anytime. I can?t tell you when it?s gonna shipp out until tomorrow?. I thought The camera had already been shipped out!
Wednesday 29th I call to let them know that the item never arrived. I didn?t think it was gonna arrive anyway. Once again, I waited about 15 minutes and THEN I spoke with Peter and before I could finish explaining about the shipping delay he just sent me to costumer service.
I talked to dexter and explained the same thing to him.
Dexter said ?oh um ? we grabbed it before it shipped out?
I got off the phone with him and logged on eBay and left Negative Feedback. Not even ten minutes passed. I logged off the computer and I had 5 missed calls from New York. They were all deferent numbers and this one in particular it was all zeros.
I tried calling back one of the numbers and an operator says the number is not accepting incoming calls.
As of October 30th I have received my full refund for the camera. But I think it is unfair that I had paid for Next day shipping ($79.99) and they didn?t even bodered to shipp it in time.
This is by far the most unpleasent transaction Ive experienced. And I am not the only costumer that has been thru the same sitation as me.

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      8th of Feb, 2009
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    Ok so now Im really scared. You see I have purchased 2 cameras from this company on 2 different ebay accounts. On one account I paid them $3, 449.00 for a Canon XH A1s and on the other account I have paid them $1, 599.00 for a Nikon D300. Now I paid for the Canon on Friday January 30th and on Tuesday February 3rd (4 days later) I bought and paid for my Nikon. The first thing I noticed of course only after purchasing the Nikon did I notice that in every one of there auctions it says 2 to 3 business days to process your order. Thats fine with me. No big deal. Then after that they send you emails stating it will take 3 to 5 business days to process your order. So right from the start they lie to you. Thats a whole week just for them to ship your item. So I waited. On Friday February 6th. I called to confirm that my order was going out today. They said it was ready to go and it was shipping today. I did not get a tracking number by the time they closed in New York so I wasted no time to file a dispute with PayPal. So today they send me an email and this is the email copy and pasted below.

    "I am truly sorry about this delay and inconvenience. This was not done intentionally. The reason for this delay is due to the fact that we had received notice that our batch of Canon XHA1S Camcorder's were actually XHA1 Camcorders we had to send our batch back to our Vendor for a exchange on them. We are Getting in the new batch of these camcorder's in on Tuesday and your order is being shipped out with Express Shipping instead of the Ground Shipping for the inconvenience. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay and inconvenience. I will email you the tracking number as soon as it ships out. I hope you enjoy your package and we appreciate your business very much! All we ask is that you Please close out the dispute as PayPal is currently holding the funds."

    You see the only problem with this email is the fact that if I drop the dispute with paypal that means I can not reopen it if they don't send it to me. So being a ebay power seller myself I know what they are trying to do. They know good and well that I would never see my money again or my camera if I drop the claim. They just tried to scam me and now I don't want the camera in fear that even if they do send me the camera it might be some black marked camera not even made by Canon with no warranty card. Some deals are to good to be true. I know its expensive but after this I will never buy from eBay again. If I want any camera equipment I will go to where I myself have done business with and I know lots of other people who have done business with this company and they are the real deal. No scams.

    So as of right now I have not received a refund yet but I will get it back. I will let you know what happens from here.

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