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We went on Holiday to Cancun, Mexico on December 2008. We were enjoying our trip, but for our disgrace, we met a man selling day trips. He asked us to go and take a look to the nicest resort called Sunset Beach. After time pushing us to assist to his resort and trying to convince us saying this is just a breakfast, we agreed.
After being introduced to a sales representative called Israel Romero, he showed us the hotel. Then we were taken to Sunset Royal (Another resort from the same company), where a sales team was waiting for us. We were talked through a presentation and we had no intention of signing up, but as they kept talking to us for many hours and giving us alcohol, we were DECEIVED AND LIED TO with many special offers, so we decided to sign their contract,
One day after, we went back to Sunset because we figured out that everything they sold us was not truth. Israel showed us a different package for a lower price with more incredible offers. He said with this new package will have these benefits:
*.-We will have 4 week a year and 2 RCI weeks for 2 years. We were told the maintenance fee was payable every other year but we had 4 weeks a year to use plus the RCI weeks. When we started emailing Sunset they said that we now only 4 weeks every years. This is not what we were promised.
*.- We were told that it would be a fantastic investment for the future and we would never lose our money and they GUARANTEED that. But is untrue too, you can´t even give it back to them or give it away.
*.-We were told that we could split our unit and rent the other side back to them at $500 USD a week or swop it for extra weeks if we split it. We were told this is a normal practice and we just email or ring Sunset and they will do this for us (Now we are being told this is not so and because they lowered the price, they cannot do it).
When we figured out that this is not what we were sold, we started sending emails and making phone calls trying to contact to Jonathan Stoker Senior (Sales Manager) and cancel this contract, since then, he has been ignoring them all.
At this point, we googled Sunset Beach and we found on the internet many complaints by the words “SCAM” and “FRAUD”. Please if someone wants to share some information, I will appreciate it.

Karen Reece-Buck.

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      Jul 23, 2009

    Karen-i have dealt with Sunset in the past. They are a good company. I think you should try calling their customer support at 800.961.5089 and they will listen to you and offer you a good deal that you can afford. I wish you well adn i'm sure they'll work with you.

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      Aug 03, 2009

    Believe it or not they are one of the better companies in Mexico. Mexico has a bad rep for timeshare scams but i hear this is definitely one of the better companies. Try calling them and i'm sure they will help you. They are people and probably understand the circumstances that American's are going through right now. I think if our economy was good there would be less complaints. Good luck.

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      Apr 07, 2010

    The tmeshare industry in Mexico is taking almost a Billion Dollars every year from Americans and Candians. They are taking away their earnest money based on lies and misrepresentation. I have collected evidence to support the claims of thousands of people deceived from this company. Share this info with your general attorney, the Federal Trade Commsision, the Consulate of Canada and USA in Cancún as well as any government agency that you believe might be interested in putting pressure in the Mexican Government to stop these companies from scamming more honest people.

    Please visit this website (specially the video section) to know in detail how these companies operate.

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