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Sunlink/Mri-Sg/Bansko Furniture/Clark/Reavis / Crooks offering to &help&

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I'm not impressed. We were going to buy furniture from these people because they were featured on the MRI Support Group website. Now I find they are run by a convicted felon! I wonder how many people have lost money with these crooks. All of them?

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  • Ja
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    I believe its two convicted felons, not one.

  • Su
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    We at SUNLINK, thought you might like to hear some truth, rather than the empty ravings of a person who has never contacted us, communicated with us; nor do they no anyone who does. Below are testimonials from real people who have done business with us. Not lies and mistruths.(July 12th 2009)
    This is an excerpt from Fiona and Gavin. They own in two developments
    Her full e mail available upon request

    This meant a trip to our properties in Bansko where we met up with some real people their names were Dave and Vince….. They are both down to earth and tell you how it is which I personally prefer…… Dave and Vince are invaluable in Bansko they have the contacts and a can do attitude and empathise with all us owners who have been left in this predicament…….

    (July 11th 2009)
    This is an excerpt from Graham and Donna.
    Her full e mail is available upon request

    It was great to meet you both. We went out to sort out the furniture and I feel we achieved this, thanks to you, Dave…….
    I will, of course, tell them about you and how helpful you have been……
    Graham and Donna

    (Graham was World Champion twice in flat water cannoning.)

    July 11th, 2009

    June 28th 2009
    Denise T……., Pirin Golf and Country Club

    My Name is Denise,

    I have been dealing with Dave and Vince for several months now, and recently met them both while I was in Bansko. From my experiences, both service and communication have been very good. They take care of what needs to be done, and go beyond what might be expected.

    My apartment has not been fully furnished, but I have seen the furniture and show apartments, and think the quality is very good at a fair price.

    I am told that trust is a concern for many buyers, so this might be an important point. I paid for my furniture some time ago, but because of a bank mix up, I ended up paying twice. I let Dave know what had happened. The day the second payment arrived, Dave refunded it to me with no problems or delays. I think this says a lot about his company and business ethics.

    I would have no problem recommending Sunlink to others.

    Denise T………..

    Wayne G.. Two Studio Apartments
    Wayne works for British Airways.

    I have known Dave Clark for over a year. He furnished one of my studio apartments. I bought from MRI first, but thought I could get a better deal. Dave has been very good to work with. His furniture is top quality, and his service is excellent. I have just visited my apartment, and believed that it had been rented without my knowledge. I stopped by Sunlink and spoke to Vince Reavis, who works with Dave. Vince gave me a lot of advice and even drove me to my apartment block to help me find the electric meter and get the identification number. He then helped me look up the Bulgarian Power Company on line.
    Dave also contacted me, and offered his help to find out how much electricity had been used to see if it had been rented. I think all this extra work they did shows they really do care about their clients.
    I am pleased to recommend them.
    Wayne G………

    Two International Sales Directors; Pirin Golf and Country Club

    My colleague David and I would once again thank you for your regular updates throughout both the snagging and the furniture installation process. Throughout, we have found both you and Vince extremely courteous and most helpful, it is our pleasure doing business with you and you have certainly helped smooth the way. I wish you both well in the future.

    Best regards

    Bernie Duffield
    Sales Director
    Bro…….. Aviation International Ltd

    I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Bansko Furniture. I have had the privelage to engage with Vince who has proved to be a man of his word and of honourable character. I have bought 2 properties in Bansko and have experianced significant difficulties along the way. Vince has not only advised me of his companies services re-furnishings but has gone out of his way to offer invaluable support to myself whilst undergoing a lot of stress. Morever Vince has given me helpful information regarding other individuls including lawyers and potential marketing strategies. As I live in the U.K.Vince has proved to be a 'man on the ground' for me superceding his role as a seller of furniture.
    I would wholeheartidly recommend this company and the good character of the staff.

    Yours sincerely
    Phil Garnier.

    Buying at Pirin Golf was made easy with the help of Vince and Dave from Bansko Furniture. We visited Bulgaria early on in the year and had the pleasure of meeting Dave and Vince to discuss our furniture order which we had placed at some time earlier. We would have to say that we have had no difficulties in any of our dealings with the company and found them both to be very honest individuals. While our furniture has not been installed we did get to view another apartment while at Pirin Golf and found that to be of very high standard and we are confident that that same standards will be applied to our own apartment.

    N & J O’Grady

  • Th
      20th of Sep, 2009
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    Vince Revis was sacked from the developers of Pirin Golf Balkanstroy for lying to clients, as he was also let go from MRI for the same thing. Its people like him that give companies a bad name.

    He then went on to work with Dave of Bansko Furniture and took with him the MRI Bansko database, then emailed many clients offering cheap furniture and together with slagging of MRI the very company he stole from.

    Do not trust, go near or ever recommend them. Yes you have testamonials, wow big deal.

    Lying cheats thats all they are!


  • Sr
      30th of Oct, 2010
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    These people were the very ones that worked for mri in the first place - the whole of the mri-sg group is against macanthony and the other directors. Remember while they were sitting in their nice offices counting your/our money there were the 'sales' people on the front line selling the dream/con. They are to blame as much as macanthony.

    Another company ran by ex mri is The owners of the company were a sales manager, and re-sales manager at mri... They robbed you then and will do it again. I tried to post my finding on the mri-sg website and was advised it was not suitable (one of the admins is an alleged friend of ln group - conflict of interest or what).

    Another ex mri employee story is here..wonder where he learned his scam from...

    If the link does not work google: nigel and mags andrews the olive press

    Remember these people are nothing but greedy con artists, they did it with mri and will do it again - all might seem well and above board, but at one point mri seemed all good and above board and now look at the mess people are left in.

    I wish these people had the intelligence to so something real instead of moving from one con to another.

    Spread the word, and stay away. I am out of pocket to mri and hope we can stop these parasites before they take more hard earned money. If you know of other employees and what they are doing spread the word - strength in numbers and voice.

    God bless.


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