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Yes, I too agree. Sunira jobs is worst.
Please do not opt for Sunira jobs. Even I had pathetic experience. I feel its almost the same with all Data Entries. They take registration fee (not refundable), and they also gain typed data from us. After a week, they provide us results -

We are forwarding you the accuracy report of your
submission of your typed data.
We are sorry to say but your submitted work is not having the minimum
needed accuracy i.e. 80% and thus your submission of your work is not taken
into consideration.
Kindly find your accuracy report in the attachments. All the % deductions
against the specific mistakes as shown in the accuracy report

I really dont know how far this complaint help me or awareness to people and be cautious.

Please do not get register to Sunira Jobs. I really did not see the review of Sunira jobs before registering. People spend their time and energy for money, but they cheat.

Oct 20, 2018

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