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Suncom's Network / 911 not accessable

1 United States

vt isn’t often that I become upset enough to write the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of a company. However several recent incidents with your customer service department & cancellation department left my husband & I very angry, frustrated & very disappointed with no other alternative.

Originally we contracted with AT&T and due to AT&T going out of business; we were forced to carry out our contract with Suncom.

I am not going to bore you with the number of dropped calls with the exception of the fact that [protected] is primarily used for business. The dropped calls on this line plus poor quality service on Suncom’s end have resulted in at least two of our customers cancelling their contracts with us.

Your customer service department is very lackadaisical in their quest to resolve any issues. They appear to be uneducated, rude & inexperienced in how to treat customers. They lack professionalism and class. They have been very uncooperative and inconsiderate.

As we learned early on in our Suncom experiences we had to speak directly with a supervisor just to get correct answers.

911 – “This call cannot be completed as dialed”

It is our understanding the Federal Communications Commission requires all cell phones to be able to dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

On January 14, 2006 my husband and I were traveling on Highway 74 - Roosevelt Blvd in Monroe, NC. We both noticed 2 power lines arching. As my husband was driving, I attempted to call 911 from [protected]. Can you understand the shock, disbelief and anger that I felt when I got the message “This call cannot be completed as dialed” This was 911.

As I attempted to dial 911 at least 5 times, I decided to try to call 411 (which I was charged $1.50 per call) just to get the number for the police department. I was connected to a wrong number. I then called 411 again and the lady was very nice in trying to help me resolve the problem. In the end, 15 minutes or so later, my husband was able to dial 911 to get the police & fire department to the scene where the power lines were arching.

I then call 611 for customer service. They said that someone from the technical department would call me with in two weeks. Guess what, I never got a return call.

Now let us fast forward to April 27, 2006. My husband witnessed an accident, tractor trailer vs. Honda civic. This was at the corner of Highway 74 & Indian Trail Road in Indian Trail, NC. He attempted to call 911 twice from [protected]. The 911 operator couldn’t hear him.

He complained to your so called customer service department. All they did was give him the run around and put all the blame on his Motorola phone that is less than one year old. They expected him to return the phone to the store and have the phone looked at. This is not an option because it is not the phone. It is the network as my cell phone has the same problem with echoing on the line and calls bleeding through.

Because my husband had finally had enough of the run around, I told him I would handle the situation. I started by calling 611. After giving the CSR all kinds of information, phone number, last 4 of my social security number, everything with the exception of my DNA code, I got through to “Cody” in your cancellation department, guess what, our call got dropped. You would have thought that “Cody” would have returned the call back. NO!

We call back and went through the same routine only to have your CSR hang up on us. I then called again; I spoke with “Iris” who let me speak to her supervisor “Shirley” who I asked to document everything we had been through. She stated we had to call back the next day when the Cancellation Department was open.

I called the next day, Friday. I spoke to a CSR; I believe her name was “Jennifer”. She stated that she needed my husband’s permission to transfer me to the Cancellation Department. She attempted to call him on his cell phone and she couldn’t hear him. She told us to call back in the evening when he got home. We decided we were done trying to rectify this problem with your CSR’s. Hence this letter.

We are done trying to communicate with Suncom’s Customer Service Department. I would expect that the Chairman – Chief Executive Officer as well as other top executives would want to know how Suncom’s customers are being treated.

We are asking that you & your other Executives look into this matter at once. We ask that you allow us out of our contract, without a financial penalty and that you allow us to choose another cell phone company with the ability to have our numbers ported into their network.

Please let us know how you intend to handle this immediately.


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