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SunCom / No loyalty

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I have been on the phone for the last four hours trying to figure out a $300.00 roaming charge. I was told that my plan changed from a national one to a regional one but that there are no notes supporting that change. Also since the time of the "change", I've been outside of the regional calling area and never had any roaming charges. So now, conveniently I have $300.00 roaming charges and a "change" that took place with no note to support such and in the middle of the t-mobile transition and no one knows anything or can help and my services have been suspended. T-mobile know nothing and Suncom is falling off the map as I hold on the line!! Someone please help me...what can I do (legally)?

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  • Va
      16th of Aug, 2006
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    SunCom - SunCom fails once again - Bad Cell phone company
    United States

    This is in regards to a letter that SunCom is sending to customers that they want to pruchase a new updated phone or their service would be upset for however long...maybe permanently.
    When I talked to the SunCom girl yesterday (about the letter) I told her that my contract was up Sept.

    23rd & I didn't intend to renew my contract with SunCom. I asked her how I could keep my service from being interrupted the end of this month if I was not going to update my phone or contract with them. Rudely she replied "you can't". After a few seconds of dead air (no further comment from the girl) I said "soooooo my service will be interrupted from the end of this month until my contract is finished on Sept 23rd, and there is nothing SunCom can or will do about it". Her reply: "That's right". I said "If SunCom is not allowing me to get service on my phone for my final month - am I still obligated to pay for that month - without service". Her reply: "you're still under contract, so you have to pay for it even if you don't use it. We are offering you the chance to upgrade and use your phone, but YOU are choosing not to". I then said "But I would have to renew my contract for two years to upgrade - correct?" Her reply: "yes". I said "but I don't want to renew any contract with SunCom & I will not be using SunCom when my contract is up on Sept 23rd". She said nothing for a few seconds, and I said - "well, this is one more reason why I'm happily leaving SunCom. You have done nothing to try to help this situation or even tried to persuade me not to leave SunCom". She still said nothing & then I said "I guess that's it then. No service & I'm still expected to pay". She replied "that is correct". I said "ok, goodbye" & hung up the phone. The entire time she spoke to me (even though she said very little) she was rude and cold.

    Her attitude was that she didn't care one way or the other. It sounds as though SunCom...really doesn't get it...nor do they care about customers. I will continue to tell people in my Blogs and Bullitens about their crappy services. And don't forget people they are being investigated and many law suits at this time. You may not want to invest in this company. Thanks

  • Pu
      2nd of Oct, 2006
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    SunCom - SunCom Users Beware of &unlimited minutes&!
    United States

    On July 19, 2006 a SunCom Accounts Manager told me that when SunCom originally started the Un-Plan (that allowed unlimited minutes for calls in the US) they did not prepare themselves for so many customers to actually use “unlimited” minutes. Therefore they have begun dropping customers with the original “unlimited minutes” plan rather than renewing their contracts if they have been using 5,000 minutes or more within a 3-month period at a time. They are calling this an “excessive use of minutes” even though the plan states that it is an “unlimited minutes” package. As I was told by the SunCom Accounts Manager “It is not profitable for SunCom to continue to keep customers that have the original Un-plan regardless of how long they have been a SunCom customer or how well they have paid on their accounts” The new contracts now state (in small print) that the Un-Plan unlimited minutes package reflects usage that does not exceed 5,000 minutes within a 3-month period at a time. On an average of three months that’s only using your cell phone for 1 hour and 32 minutes a day. They continue to advertise “unlimited minutes” in all their advertisements, but fail to say or have in large enough print to read that “unlimited minutes” does not mean unlimited minutes. I have been a Sun Com customer for 6 years, never late on paying a bill, and have even convinced many people to change their carrier to SunCom over the years. Did it make a difference to SunCom? No, as a matter of fact – When they called me to let me know that my contract (my third contract with them that is up in August) was going to be dropped they were rude and treated me as if I were something smelly and nasty on the bottom of someone’s shoe. When I called back, and spoke with the Accounts Manager - not only was I not offered an apology for how I was treated, but also told that an optional plan would not be offered, because those of us from the original Un-Plan were considered to be “a risk to the company”. So those of you with the original Un-Plan beware!

  • So
      18th of Oct, 2006
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    SunCom - Difficulties receiving calls and making phone calls
    United States

    I am so frustrated with Suncom, I had 2 year contract with suncom and after a year and half, I was having difficulties receiving calls and making phone calls. I had to go on the street to make a call. I waited for 2 months hoping that the situation would improve and kept on paying regular bills via direct withdrawal from my bank. Finally, I went and saw the store manager, he suggested a new phone, I bought the phone for $132, he said he will refund me, if switching the phone doesnt help. New phone didnt help. The store manager was nice enough to give me the refund, said he will release my phone number and it is ok to break the contract and switch wireless provider and that if I am charged anything he would refund me the amount. I waited for my next bill and then 2 months after was billed $180 for breaking the contract, I had direct withdrawal setup, so they got the money. I went couple of times to the store, the store manager was not there, finally one day I got hold of him over the phone, and he took my ssn and said that he has already submitted claims to refund the amount and I will get a check within 6-8 weeks. After 6-8 weeks I called the store, only to know there is no documentation of this whole thing and that he has left suncom.

    Now, I am trying to get my money back, believe me it is the hardest thing to do. The customer service or the people at the store are saying that it is their policy to charge $180 for breaking the contract and not giving notice of 1 month in advance. I wish that store manager had notified me of this and not lied to me.

  • He
      6th of Feb, 2007
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    I'm currently a suncom customer. Some people say that paying $300, is too much. Currently I pay 1,037 with some scents. I now this a very high price to pay for a phone service. But i am bounded by my contract to pay this because I cannot brake the contract, if I do my credit will suffer the consequences, and not mention that I'll be getting a lot of phone calls from the suncom people. I use the phone to travel to mexico, basically my phone is business phone. and every month is the same thing, my phone bill comes and I have to pay. also my phone drops the signal will I'm in my house or sometimes will on a business trip. But the thing that angrees me the most is seen the owner of suncom in the pictures in the suncom website with a big smile. knowing that he provides a bad service. If there is someone that could tell how to brake my contract with out damaging my credit.

  • Dy
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    SunCom - Poor service!
    United States

    From 05/06 to 08/06 I tried to tell SUNcom my calls were all being dropped and not coming in They told me to talk to support I had to drive an hour and have my chip changed before I could talk to support I did that and then I didn't even get voice messages, then I had to go to a land line to call support and support could not get me and left message we do not have phone service in you area no do we intend to service that area anytime soon.

    I call suncom support to repeat and make sure my cancellation I requested in July would end service I was told I could not cancel and would be billed extra for all the calls that did not get along with cancellation fee. They broke contract I had to pay another $75 to have home phone reinstalled after having a hospital emergency

    My letters to complain went unanswered by SUNCOM If I knew they used cingular all about their truth .I would not have signed in the 1st place as I had just finished a very bad year with them and their not guarantee of being able to get service... just pay.

    SUNCOM's only interest is in money... no service... so it has been in collection for a year It is the only bill I haven't paid in my 56 years I tried dispute, but
    it's a def ear.

  • Ga
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    SunCom - Service
    Gary L. Mingee Jr LLC
    1236 Old Orchard Rd
    James Island
    South Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 8433032128

    I went to SunCom on Folly Road, James Island, SC 29412 to get a new phone. I was very clear with the sales associate that I travel River Road on Johns Island SC, 29455 several times per day (about a 15 mile streach of road between James/Johns Island and Kiawah Island SC. It is VERY IMPORTANT that I have serice in this specific area. I mentioned this because I have had problems in the past with my old phone and service with SunCom.
    They assured me the problem was with my old phone and the simm card. A new phone with an updated simm card would be able to take advantage of the new cell towers in the area.

    I agreed to a 2 year contract.

    I do not get service on River Road with the new phone and simm card. I returned to the place of purchase and spoke with the person who sold me the phone. We together contacted engineering and determined that River Rd does have areas of no coverage.

    I will be charged the $200.00 fee to cancel my contract.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • He
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    Suncom is the worst. My husband was with them and got his phone stolen. Their solution was to open another line, which was okay, but they didn't tell him that his 2 year contract that was just about to run out would be renewed for 2 more years when he did so. He moved to Ohio a few months later and we were told that it would 400$ to cancel it, 200$ per line. Once we finally decided to cancel it, they told us that he had to give a 30 day notice and that we would be billed for another month. As if this all wasn't bad enough, the customer service was horrible. Every single time he would call they were idiots, complete idiots. There only response was passing you on to someone else, not replying at all, or being rude. The best is that at the end they would go okay thank you for choosing suncom or something to that effect. I have had 2 cell phone companies and I had never heard of such horrible customer service and just service in general. We would seriously laugh at how horrible it was because it was so frustrating and there was nothing else we could do. Seriously, no one should ever use this company.

  • Em
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    T-Mobile now owns SunCom. T-Mobile has outsourced their email customer care to a company named NCO. NCO's center in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada has been where ALL your emails have been coming from for a long time.

    Now they have sent all the emails to the PHILIPPINES! Get ready for your email and webchat customer care to be coming from Filipino people! HAHA. I thought T-Mobile would never go offshore? They do through NCO. You thought your customer care was bad before?!

  • Pa
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    SunCom - unlawful charges
    United States

    Suncom charged for roaming on a contract that clearly stated "free" roaming. I am more that happy to pay any bill I owe. They will not talk to me in any civilized manner. They threated me with a collection agentcy. I lpay my bills. Suncom charged me for roaming when indeed I it was included in my contract. Suncom is a Ripoff!

  • Pa
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    Suncom is a major RIPOFF. I was charged for roaming. It was on my contract "free" ha! the bill was $223.68 for roaming. Beware of SUNCOM!

  • Dr
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I spoke with t-mobile April 10, 2009.They admitted they had problems with the transition and some Suncom customers got burned in the process.The last bill I received was in the summer from Suncom, t-mobile never sent me anything.My billing date changed from the 4th of the month to whatever t-mobile changed it to.From October to December t-mobile double billed me.When paid my bill by the due date I thought I was okay.A week later t-mobile would send me a text saying I was past due and service would be interrupted, and it was.I would pay anywhere from $75-$100 to have service restored.I refused to pay that amount again in December because 4 days later is absurd.I spoke with t-mobile this past Friday the rep admitted those problems where known and the only thing that could be done.
    1.I can re-apply with t-mobile for service, because after 30 days my account was turned over to collections
    2.She was really sorry it happened that's all they could do
    3.I let her know I would file a complaint with my states AG, if all of us that got burned by t-mobile file a complaint with the our states AG something might get done.

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