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Its not what they've done to me personally but what they do to hundreds of people every week. They take their money so they can pay a girl $18.00 an hour plus a commission to book peoples vacations on line from expedia or cheap tickets... thing is I can log on line for the price of my internet service and use these same web sites, why pay $7000.00 to join this club when this is all they do. The post cards are well thought out the rebutles for people who are resistant are more thought out besides who cares if their all lies, there are no employees in California its just a vonage phone because its cheep we wouldn't want the owner to have to pay too much for a phone line it might take away from Nicks Coghlans diamond encrusted dashboard in his hummer.

Once you make the appointment then you get a call the day before your appointment to get your conformation code and are told that the cruise or airline vouchers have been purchased, then when you get to the presentation for the discount travel agency ($7000.00 travel club) and you get your gift its a piece of paper that has all kinds of rules an the size envelope you use the class of mail you use, and if you happen to get all that done correctly in about two months you receive another piece of paper back that lets you choose your vacation and pick some dates. You send it back in and surprise surprise none of your dates work so you request different dates and send it back again by this time 4-6 months have gone by, keep in mind the tickets are only good for a year so by now 1/2 the time is already used. If you are one of the lucky ones who keeps up with all this back and fourth your complimentary tickets will cost you postage, a registration fee of $55.00 and about $450.00 per person for the cruise in which you have 15 days to pay for it because the prices on cheap tickets changes constantly.

Please dont let your time and money get wasted by these smooth talking scam artists, so they can take your money to pay for their cruises.

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  • Ee
      Sep 26, 2009

    Royal Palm Vacations, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives, Capitol Financial, Travel Services USA, among others...

    Office Manager:

    Christy Daniel

    last known address:
    12360 84TH WAY N.
    Largo, Fl 33773

    her Prison release information and picture:

    To everyone who is a member to any one of the below listed fraudulent companies:

    ... I wish to say that I am sorry... I had no Idea this company that I worked for was like this. Please take this information and do what you have to do with it.

    Royal Palm Vacations, Travel Services USA, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives... and many more names... all the same company... many different lawsuits with Atty generals and the state of FL... All ran out of Tampa Bay... (Largo, FL) actually.

    For all of you Royal Palm members... there is NO office in Nevada... we were told to tell you that so you could not find where they were...

    Google any of the above listed names, or look on ABC Action News of Tampa Bay... and search any of those above names... you will see big news reports of scams...

    They never have any vacations available to you... if you place a request for vacation, they will respond "sorry, no avail" which means no availability... when they never even check. For airfare, we used the same websites that you at home do... travelocity, orbits, and expedia... then we would add a percentage to that price because we had to make some money too... So, all this company does is take your $3000.00 - $6000.00, and your ASC (Annual Service Charge). Then they sit there, and do nothing except to reply to you..."sorry no avail" and continue collecting your ASC every year...[email protected]&navCatId=3[email protected]&navCatId=3

    FYI: Christy Daniels is the Office Manager (she was in prison for a few years because she was running a fraudulent business before working for these companies... funny huh?!), Amanda is the office supervisor... and the owner of all those false and fraudulent businesses is... Nick Congleton.

    To anyone who is a member of any one of those listed fraudulent companies, ... I highly suggest contacting the Florida Atty General, and the Nevada Atty General... good luck all...

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  • Jo
      Oct 04, 2010

    My wife & I were also scammed out of several thousand dollars. We did complaint to FL Attorney General. Although, we were told that an investigation was already underway, nothing ever came of it. We finally PAID the full payment (extortion?) in order to preserve our spotless Credit Rating. These people are still hounding us for this year's Yearly Service Fee! I hope that no more trusting good people will fall prey to the silky smooth pitch of these "Grifters". Note that these are simply my opinions (except for FL AG references and fee related statements, which are strictly factually accurate and correct). Please, don't waste your hard earned dollars on a useless venture like this.

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  • Su
      Jan 26, 2016

    This company is not existent anymore.
    The area around Tampa / Sarasota is called "Suncoast" so there are many companies with a similar name not affiliated with this one.

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