Suncoast EnergysScam and cheating

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If you are attempting to fill up you car near the Orlando International Airport, stay away from Suncoast Energys, located at 5928 Butler National Drive, Orlando, FL as they will rip you off with gas prices approximately 2x the going price per gallon.

Unfortunately, I didn't look at the pump prices when I purchased gas there on 05/27/09. I did manage to stop the pump before major damage was done but I still payed them $7.00 extra on their INFLATED GAS PRICES before I could stop it.

Unless you want to get ripped-off, stay away from this place. Their price on 05/27/09 was $4.199/gal, while just a mile up the street, the price was $2.319/gal. It's a shame the state does not regulate gas prices to prevent people from crooked practices like this.

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  • Ed
      Nov 21, 2009

    I just got ripped of for $4.58/ gallon this morning. My fault. That said, I'd like to GOUGE off a significant body part of this greedy SOB. I realize the federal government allows Exxon to screw us, but how do the city and the state allow this BS?

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  • Ad
      Nov 08, 2010

    Price Saturday 11/6 was $4.89 for regular, where prices I had seen elsewhere were closer to $2.71. My fault, I was running late and didn't have time to go to the other stations a mile farther up the road. It's not illegal, but it's immoral, and I feel dirty for having given the guy my money.

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