suncoast casino entertainment world / assaulted by a security guard

1 South Africa

On the 23rd February 2012 I putted a complaint about security guards that were swearing me and my friend at the back of the casino, I reported that to Junior manager Thabile and she promised that she was gonna deal with it and get back to us, but we still waiting for call she never called us.
Once again on the 23rd March 2012 I found my sister crying at the casino's entrance/exit and she was telling that she's been abused by security guards, and I decided to go inside ask for a manager again, I spoke to da manager and he made me fill in a complaint's register, I did so and I kept a copy for myself and I went out.
On my way out I met my sister and her friend, we all walked inside the casino for them to use a ladies room only to get harassed by another security guard who came straight to me and told me to [censored] off, still I did not heat up but I showed him a document and then he told us all to go to the manager, on our way to the manager the security guards were still harassing us, when we got to the manager's office one man told me that I'm not allowed to speak to manager and he started pushing me, one lady who works there was concerned asked me to explain the whole story, while I was still explaining to her the same man Patrick van der Merwe came again he grabbed my arm and twisted it, while he was doing that he was swearing me, he hitted me at the back and kicked me out and then I went out with a sore arm when I was outside one more white man (security guard) came out and started swearing me once more and even called me 'Kaffir'. I am very disappointed with Suncoast casino as whole, what should I do about this.

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