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Not only has it become a chore to get a 'DIET COKE' (no matter its marketed incarnation) but this has further detracted from players to drop their cold hard cash on the tables.

If the policy is to wean Suncoast Casino patrons of drinks in general, then kindly adjust the policy for us to play with monopoly chips instead and I'll personally have NO problem in the lack of professional service that is presently rivaled by fishmongers.

Besides the waitress nor waiter NEVER being found nor the many Supervisors (and hosts who are too pretty or smug to afford patrons becoming customer service - Clyde is one who is notorious for this - note the sarcasm) not making the effort to get a waitress nor waiter to players which apparently is a recent policy that has been enacted to stop drinks being served.

Well, whichever bright spark came up with this plan hasn't the faintest clue as how to run a casino. But keep it up and all those jobs saved (such as those of the Supervisors and Hosts) will surely bankroll the casino into profit, then again, I seriously doubt it!

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  • Br
      Nov 10, 2016

    Sun coast casino has now become the worst place, I am disgusted with the fact that its very hard for indian people to make money there, yet when you walk past a black person in almost ever machine they seem to be making money, recently I played a 5 cent machine in max credits and didnt even get a free spin, leave alone, , the time I had 56 tickets for the car draw, and was not even called, that makes no senses to me, even the tables and black jack is so terrible, where the dealer got 4 winning hands in a row, is that even possible. Recently some money fell of my pocket obviously some one picked it up, however if it was a black person, im sure they would have sent a security to see who's money it was, apart from that I played max credits on a machine and guess what, the machine stopped paying, but if the there was a black or white person there, im sure they would have got free spins like crazy, because thats what normally happens. Most machines that suncoast has are so stupid and doesn't even pay out, all those pictures for no reason, even with this car draw, only blacks and whites win howcome!!! Suncoast casino is full of ### and a waste of time

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  • Am
      May 04, 2017

    I agree we have been going there for the last 15 years and I have entered all the competitions but not once have we anything. And it very hard to win at Suncoast we put so much money there and walk out with nothing. When u complaint about it they say they have no control about the machines. We play max bet and someone plays one line wins more than we. Suncoast is not a place to go to.

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