Sunbeam Productsaa batteries

I purchased AA batteries form the dollar store as I have done for many years. 1/24/2019 while I was watching TV my Verizon remote stopped working. At first I thought the batteries that I had just changed around Christmas were already dead. (UPC [protected]) Then I felt the back of the remote, on the panel where the batteries are held. The remote was hot. When I opened it, the batteries were so hot, I could not touch them. I had to use a scissors to pop them from the battery area and dump them right in the sink so that nothing happened. I was fortunate that I caught it before something caught on fire. If I had not been home, my house could have burned and my dogs may have been killed. This is a case where the cost of the batteries is not important, however, the safety of my home, my significant other and our dogs is of utmost importance. I will never buy another Sunbeam band battery and the experience may even lead me to ignore other Sunbeam products. I have the batteries in their original packaging.

Jan 30, 2019

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