Sun Tan City / automatic monthly credit card charges

Shephersdville KY, US

On February 21st I paid cash of 21.99 at Shepherdsville location for a month Fast Level tanning package. The employee asked me for my credit card information, which I had reservations about, but I was assured there would NOT be a charge to my card that day OR forthcoming months without my verbal consent. When I asked her the reasoning for needing my credit card she told me it was, "simply the policy of the company to have my cc information on file."
***The automatic monthly cc charge had been a deterrent for me in becoming a member with STC in past years, so I was pleased that I could now pay cash monthly and not have auto-payment.
On March 6th, I went to a new STC location in Mount Washington, KY. Upon inquiring about the end date of my month tan package, I was informed that on March 1st my card was charged 21.99. NOT WHAT I AGREED TO!
I was not happy that my cc was charged w/o my consent, even more so, it was 2 weeks BEFORE my first month was to end! After consulting with two STC stores' employees, I was directed to the Customer Service #.
This morning, March 8th, I called the customer service number and Chris G was my representative. He was very helpful. There was apparently miscommunication between myself and the STC employee. (I am still not sure who was originally in the wrong, myself or the employee) BUT although he was not willing to reimburse my credit card, Chris did offer to extend my membership for two months free of charge. He assured me that my cc would not receive a charge until June 1, 2017, if I choose to remain an active member.
I was pleased with the service Chris G offered to me. I am hopeful his word of suspended cc payment will stand and there will be no further charges applied to my card until said date.

1.) I was asked if I still had a paper receipt of payment when I paid cash. I have had over a half dozen cash transactions with the STC in Shepherdsville in the past and have never been given a paper receipt for any transaction. This may be something management needs to address.

2.) There has been no change in policy of auto payment. So why was I under impression that there had been? I walked away thinking 19.99 was the price for Fast Level/ one month package and NO LONG TERM COMMITTMENT. There needs to be a written agreement given IN HAND and ON PAPER to new customers to clarify the membership agreement.

Side note: I love the new STC in Mount Washington, Ky. The location is spacious and even the Level 1 Fast beds are great! I am surprised and super excited about the free sunless tanning offer that is currently being promoted this week.
Again, just wanted to give a shout out to Chris G for his prompt and adequate response to my complaint! Thankyou for taking the time to listen to my concern and making an amends that we are all satisfied with. I am looking forward to being a STC customer for years to come and am pleased with the attention my issue was given.
I hope this complaint form is given the proper attention needed to avoid the same problem I have experienced happening to future customers. This very issue is the reason I had been hesitant in becoming a regular customer with Sun Tan City in the past. What if I did not have the money in my account to cover the charge? That would have been very embarrassing to me and cost even more money for over draft fees. I can assure you that if that were the case, I would have made it a point to never tan @ any Sun Tan City location again. I love the service and tan that I have received at both locations and to lose me as a customer due to this issue would have been a shame.

Megan A Engle

Mar 08, 2017

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