Sun State Trees and Property MaintenanceBad service

First off, let me tell you that I am a former employee of this company. I had left this place because I could no longer take the lying and dirty games they so commonly do.

A little about myself. I was thier Certified Arborist and OSHA representative, not to mention (when needed), salesman, supervisor, tree climber, CDL class B driver, groundsman, and thier personal "bail us out" guy when it came to removing trees without the proper permits. A real asset to the company.

So here's my story. If you would like to receive a list of former customers which they have angered, screwed over, or just plain done wrong, I am able to supply those to you. I have received permission from each individual to release thier name and phone number.

Please do not forget that I did not mention municipalities. You could call any local cities Public Works/ Parks and Rec./ Code Enforement and be guaranteed to hear many negative past scenarios.

I am a highly trained ISA Certified Arborist with enough backround experience to distinguish between the tree companies that "are out just to make a buck", and those that actually show a passion for what they do.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank You!

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