Sun Internationalsun city disgustingly filthy

My family and I visited sun city on monday the 26th of december as day visitors. We pre booked our valley of the waves entrance to avoid queues. We thought that this will be the perfect day out as we are familiar with sun city and love the place. We were also keen to see the new upgrades that was done as it's being advertised everywhere.

To our shock we experienced the worst day ever. Starting at the valley of the waves I was absolutely disgusted with the bathrooms. It was beyond filthy and a health risk. The toilets was extremely dirty as well as the floors. There where no toilet paper. Some of the doors couldn't even lock.

My husband experienced the same in the men's bathrooms. We simply couldn't go back in there as we were appalled.

One would think that on a busy day like this there will be more staff appointed to be on this and make sure that the bathrooms are clean and there is enough toilet paper at all times.

Apart from this there was a very bad smell around the valley of the waves. It smelled of urine everywhere we went and it was to say the least, off putting.

We couldn't handle this anymore and decided to leave. It was an expensive disgusting day.

My husband and I used to go tho sun city every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary in march but this was definitely the last that sun city will see us again.

It is sad that a once upon a time this was an extremely nice place to go to.

Jan 09, 2017

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