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Sun Healthcare had an existing injunction with the State of Calif for killing patients from a broken HVAC system in Burlingame, Calif in 2001. In 2003 my mother was living in one of their facilities in Newport Beach, Sunbridge Newport. A state agency came in and condemned their HVAC system in May, 2003. She lived there until Dec, 2003. The following is a summary of her physician's medical review:

There are several incidences of concern in this patients' case which should be noticed. The frequency of her recurrent pneumonia is concerning as well as the type of pneumonia which she developed were concerning. The infection incidence at Sunbridge Newport was monitored quarterly and it was noted over the national average during infection control meeting in the final quarter of the year 2003. As I was medical director for this facility I had request further evaluation by the staff to the etiology of this occurrence within the facility. Multiple families had complained about this problem. Unfortunately, the administration did not take due diligence in ameliorating this problem in 2003. Lack of sufficient ventilation contributes to pneumonia. This was a sentinel event; however the administration continued to give both patients families and the undersigned a variety of excuses why it was "taking some time" to fix this problem. Upon review of the medical record, it is medically probably that this patients recurrent pneumonia (especially MRSA) was related to the physical facility.
There is another incidence of concern. Blood pressure monitoring cuffs which were not working in Sunbridge Newport in 2003. This, again, was a sentinel event and of grave concern.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newport Beach, CAAs medical director, this was an extraordinary event which prompted my immediate reaction as Medical Director to request the administration immediately order new blood pressure equipment for the safety of the patients within the facility. I was subsequently directly in contact from my Newport Beach private practice office with Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse Special Agent Supervisor Joseph Fendrick to discuss this matter. Unfortunately this was too late for Mrs. Evelyn Calvert, she arrived 7/16/04 to the emergency room in again respiratory distress and she died. Due to the limited response of the administration to meet patient needs, I resigned from Sunbridge Newport Rehabilitation in March, 2004 and gave sixty day notice of my termination as Medical Director from the facility. It is my opinion, as a Board Certified physician ... that this patients death is within medical probability aggravated or in causation by the failure of the ventilator system within Sunbridge Newport as well as the failure of the blood pressure monitoring devices within the facility."
end of quote.

This isn't rocket science.

Deborah Calvert daughter of the late Evelyn Calvert
and former assistant to Buzz Aldrin

I've sued, it became complicated, forced to settle for only fraud, then I sued my attorney for malpractice for not including the wrongful death, elder abuse, intentional infliction of emotioan distress and paind and suffering. Because the CEO and Board Member of SUN Dr Chauncey Hunker did not repair the HVAC system we could prove willful misconduct = treble damages were due me. My attorney purposely dropped those charges unbeknowst to me, while I was having pancreatic cancer surgery -I'm sure he didn't think I'd live. And my brother had no knowledge of the case becasue he hadn't visited our mother in that nursing home. I have no spouse or children, so this was a windfall for my attorney.
When he found out I retained a malpractice attorney to sue him he died exactly 2 weeks later in his sleep, a 59 yr old man.

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      Jul 13, 2009

    Sun Healthcare also avoided paying a fine to the State of California for violations in this Sunbridge facility, according to deputy Attorney General Claude Vanderwold, who told my attorney Eugen Andres and I this in 2008.
    The Dept of Health turned a blind eye and didn't fine the usual $100, 000 fine for a death they caused. And the Dept of Justice turned a blind eye.
    Sun obviously had my attorney in their corner.
    Is this the ultimate corporate corruption and if so, why? The CEO must have been afraid his job was at stake. Let's see, maybe disregard for human life by not repairing or replacing known broken equipment for 8 months is good reason to fire a CEO?
    This isn't rocket science.
    Deborah Calvert, Newport Beach, California

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  • An
      Jul 24, 2009

    Someone whould really look into the sunbridge in Lowell, ma. its Incredible there the staff unethical behavior, the careless care for residents and all the cover ups.

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  • Ch
      Aug 13, 2009

    Believe Debbie Calvert, I know her. And I know that her mother Evelyn Calvert was mistreated in the nursing home by the ignorant management who left behind a trail of paperwork Debbie has.

    I lost both my parents recently to the ignorance of the healthcare system and I will stand behind her.

    Indians believed in respecting their elders, what happened to you?

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  • St
      Aug 15, 2009

    I find it odd that her attorney died a few weeks after she hired a mal practice attorney. So now there is no recourse? Is there some sort of strange conspirisy? Is this Sun Health care involved in some sort of mass murder for hire? Are they getting paid to put poeple on ice? I have an elder for a parent and I am concerned about all of these facilities that care the elders. I want to care for my dad but, there is much work involved and I have my own life to live. Although, I can not live a real good life knowing that I was involved in his death sentence. Just I young guy in his early thirties with an aging father and a contscience.


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