Sun Delivery, inc.Horrible customer and delivery service

Every consumer shopping at needs to be aware that the delivery vendor used by them called Sun Deliver, Inc. with
Rick Phillips as ceo is the worst company I have every delt with.

We ordered furniture from Costco that was supposed to be delivered on December 14. Not only did the furniture NOT get delivered, but the company never called. When I called to find out what was going on, I got no info or the call back like the rep said she would. So... We got to spend Christmas with no furniture and no where for our family to sit because believing we were getting our new furniture I got rid of the old. After dealing with number of people who all have assured me that things would be fixed and our furniture would for SURE be delivered on December 30... Guess what? Was just told that the order was never confirmed for shipment! This... After I not only confirmed several times, but also Amanda and others from Costco called and confirmed with sun delivery as well! After speaking with supervisor for Costco I don't feel any more confident we will actually get the product on the 30 th. Frustrated? You bet! Angry? Absolutely! Costco should be ashamed of themselves for even associating with a company that provides such awful service. The BBB shows a long list of issues with this company as well.

Heed the warning... Just don't order off if the delivery service will be sun delivery. I most likely will just cancel my furniture order... I am sick of the frustration and headache. Shame on you Costco and shame on Sun Delivery.

Dec 29, 2014

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