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Company is fraudulant and deceptive when, not only presenting Wholesale Vacations, but, also when hiring the staff. I was a recent victim of ther false promises. I was hired the very first part of August, 2010. What a nightmare, and string of deception and lies. There was no training of any real kind? Pretty much wached a 40 minute presentation, just like there, SOON TO BE NEW VALUED FAMILY MEMBER, or simply put harrassed, pissed off POTENTIAL customer to be!!!~ Anyway, after watcing the video we were not given any further training, other than to sit at a table, with a not so friendly, worried you'll do better then them CO-WORKER, and OBSERVE their presentation, which was NOT too impresive, I would guess because, they had similar training as I ???? First of all, WHEN DID (NO) START TO MEAN( YES )? I thought NO meant NO?? These So Called, Self Consious, Whinny T. O.'s Or Turn Overs / Managers or Directors, for a REAL TERM, are liers, and will stop at NOTHING to try to PINCH out the LAST nickle of some UNQUALIFIED Customer in the first place. They are very high pressure, and arrogant with there customers and STAF[censored]
The Leads, are not Qualified, other than asking on a form their yearly income, over 25 k per yr. you are in!!! FREE CRUISE, They forget to mention to ther starving FUTURE SALES STAR, they never even verify the employment. I can't count on both hands and feet, the number of people who JUST Did NOT QUALIFY PERIOD... Why would you waste a sales reps time and potential future????? All LIES!!! My next step is to take this to the state and Federal level, possibly a civil suit, Fuiture Employees, as well as coustmers... I could go on for Days with this story, IT"SSIMPLE, RUN FROM SOMEDANCE, I Mean SUNDANCE :), Maybe FOX will air it on the Primetime News :) :) Well it is SOME DANCE THEY DO @ SUNDANCE LOL LOL LOL!!!

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      Sep 03, 2010

    BBB Business Review Reliability Report for
    Sundance Vacations
    BBB Accreditation was revoked on 1/25/2010

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