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Sun City Cabanas / Personal injury on Segway machine

1 Sun city activities Johannesburg, South Africa

Good day,
Date of incident 25 July 2015.
I have been deliberating as to whether I should state my case on what happened to me on the Segway machine or not.
However after treating my injuries for 5 weeks I feel I need to let everyone know the dangers of this machine as well as my concern as to how it was dealt with.
Firstly this is not an attack on the safety of the machine as the accident I had was totally my fault however if another person or child happens to make the same mistake they need to know the extent of the injuries and how this can change your entire life .
We were in the off-road route for two hours and all was going very well.
The last 5 minutes to get back and end the trip was to ride in the road.
This is where it all went wrong, I lost my concentration as I was distracted by people at the top of the road, I then clipped the side of the pavement and went tumbling. I cannot tell you in any amount of words of the trauma and shock I endured. I fell on the left side of my body an sustained multiple injuries which will be listed shortly.
The guide Anthony whilst he was very pleasant and a very good guide in terms of asking us all the time are we ok during the trip are nit questionable. However when my accident occurred he obviously was very concerned and brought savlon for my grazed shoulder.
However once again I was in the most excrutiating pain, internally I could I had major problems .
This is where I feel that the accident should have been dealt with differently, To be specific I took a knock on my head as the machine fell on top of me, if this was a child they would not have survived this fall or even a teenager. I was not offered a paramedic, nurse, and injection for shock or pain ...
I am 5 weeks into treating my injuries And still in the worst pain words can express. Below is a list if injuries i have.
3 broken ribs
Trauma to my back and tail end deep tissue bruising .
Bruises on my legs and arms very bad bruises that they are still evident.
My shoulder and arm very bruised and have a hairline fracture which is taking long to heal.
I was off work for a week and I am still suffering, I wake up early hours of the morning looking for anti inflammatory and pain meds.
I have a ice pack in my lower back as we speak.
My message to Sun city is to jack up on their emergency aid, Anthony and all guides should take the falls more seriously and offer professional help as he did not know the extent of the I the injuries, I was also then asked would I be ok to get back on and go back? ... I suppose I should have said no, but I was feeling very embarrassed and humiliated being with my bosses and colleges...
I am hoping and praying that I do. It have permanent nerve damage in my lower back as this could be a life time of suffering.
I am 49 years old and turn 50 in November... This is no joke and sun city needs to tighten up this activity.

Wendy Powell,

Aug 16, 2015

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