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The sales person Paul Simmons was aggresive and very unprofessional. He was on the phone( with a ear plug) getting instructions/sales pitch from his boss while he was talking to me. He did not disclose that he was on the phone until I realised it. When I told him that I was not aware that thier company has a 3 year contract to set-up a processing account, and I do not wish to sign-up because of this 3 year contract he got agitated and started arguing with me. I have been in business for 20 years. I know the difference between a good company and a bad one. It is not just about the sales person I believe this company does not operate with good business ethics. Stay away from them if you can!!

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      24th of Jun, 2010

    I signed a contract with summitt merchant and i regret it to the fullest. If you are looking for a credit card merchant save yourself a headache and do not sign on with them. The creditcard terminal i purchased is horrible it shuts down and has to be rebooted about every other day. Sometimes it takes debit sometimes it doesn't! i won't even get into how many checks it declined that were really good. I have been calling this company complaining for over 3 months now. Everytime i spoke to a supervisor i was told i would have to purchase another machine as if i had broken it. I finally talked to a supervisor with some sense(3 months after the fact) and he offered to send me out another machine and pinpad with no charge as long as i send the others back. I recieved the machine and do you believe the pinpad was not working. One minute it was 5 minutes later it wasn't. When i called to let them know i needed another one i was told since it was working right at that moment they could not send me another one ignoring the fact that i had called in that day about 5 times when it wasn't working. The supervisor that sent it out Bryon Bayer gave me his direct extention, but i haven't been able to reach him since he gave it to me. Everytime i try to get to him i am told he's in a meeting. SUMMITT MERCHANT IN MY OPINION IS THE WORST CREDIT CARD MERCHANT YOU COULD EVER CHOOSE. If you decide to go with this company you might as well put a sign on the front door that says WE TAKE CREDITCARDS SOMETIMES. Oh yeah a sales rep was suppose to be coming by from Summitt to see if they were overcharging us on our rates(WHICH THEY ARE) but she has failed to show also. The machine we purchased from them is a merchantpro 4500x.
    After checking around with other credit card merchants(Flagship Merchant Services, Merchant Warehouse, go Emerchant who are rated as 3 of the top ten) had never heard of this terminal. I am currently closing my account with Summitt unfortunately i have to pay almost $700.00 to do so, but it will be well worth the money to get rid of this headache.

    Sincerely Debra Thomas of Thomas Tire Repair

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      27th of Jan, 2011

    Ok maybe Paul Simmions was a Jerk! obviously people only buy from whom they like and trust no matter how much better his deal was and with a company as large and successful a summit merchant solutions you likely would have ended up with an all around better deals besides that what doe's the 3 year processing agreement matter check your current processing agreement i guarantee you that it is at least 3 years or longer and there are only 2 possible scenarios were early termination of summit's agreement or your current processing company's agreement would cause you to loose money first one is if you switch to a new processor and they don't save you any money on your rates witch will make up for any extra of witch there prior processor termination fee refund does not cover IE. there refund is $250 and the early termination penalty from your old processing company is $300 it cost you the $50 extra with a independent direct processing company like Summit you will likely save more than the measly $50 in the first month second you shut your business down within the 3 year agreement and you pay the early termination fee summit likely not only saved you more than the termination fee but actual helped you earn new customers and increase your average ticket witch make's you money! bet your current company doesn't talk to you about this they just take your money and run Lol! lastly your 20 years of merchant business experience doesn't mean any thing when it comes to a processing company's rates fee's services, products and 49 different terms and condition's of witch you know nothing about so don't assume a company has bad business ethics when you don't know the first thing about Paul or the company it's people like you who want to tear every one and every thing down with limited or absolutely no knowledge of the facts this doesn't help any one in the process next time keep your two cents in your pocket! Mr. Just helping you

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