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On my return I have asked at my hotel reception about the best way to get to the airport I was recommended to book a taxi from Sul Travel agency, which I agreed to.

I have also asked about the time it will approximately take to get there. I was advised it would be 40 min.

At requested time (5:45 pm) the a van arrived and the driver announced us that he will not take us directly to the airport as he needs to pick-up few other people from the city nearby.

I was surprised to hear that as I was not initially informed about any additional stops and got the confirmation that the journey would take us 40 min.

Nevertheless because it was too late to book another taxi, and we were on our way - we said we will give it 15 min and if we are not going to the airport immediately after that time we will raise it with the driver.

After 15 min the driver arrived @ the point where he was supposed to pick-up other passengers. He started to call some-one and nothing seemed that we would leave in next couple of minutes (as we were assured) as there was no-one waiting.

When we asked him to take us to the airport as we have the plane to catch he was extremely rude saying he was driving the whole day and refused to take us to the destination, refused to answer any questions. He said he could take us back to the hotel where we can order another taxi which was absolutely out of question as there was a time constraint.

When I asked him that I would like to talk to his boss immediately he dialled his boss, and when I complained about the driver and the attitude and the fact that nobody told us we will do any stops on our way. The driver yelled at us to get off the van (with my 8 years old son and my wife crying).

His boss hung up at the same time.

True I was pissed-off (and maybe even bit rude) when I complained to his boss about the whole situation, but the driver's attitude was extremely offensive, threatening and vulgar.

He would have left the whole family in the middle of the town with no chance to catch their plane, and refused to give us our money back.

At the end mainly because my poor son started to cry and my wife was calmer than me, we managed to persuade him to take us to the airport, but this was the worst experience I ever had during all of my holidays and from all the countries I have visited.

I think the it could even qualify for a legal matter for physical offence and threatening.

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