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SugarCraft / Lack of Customer Service

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This company is a piece of work, I was a loyal customer for the past 5 years, who will never ever order from them again, and will make sure I tell every single person I know about my experience.

I am going to do this complaint in a timeline:

Friday, December 1st, 1:00pm, I place an order for a few molds and over 100 clear favor boxes, one of the molds I really needed, so I paid $20 extra dollars for shipping.

Friday, December 1st, voice mail on my cell phone, saying they were out of one of the molds and if I still wanted the other stuff they would be sending unless they heard from me.

Minutes later I call the number left on my cell phone, to tell them I absolutely still want the order, the lady on the phone thanked me and said it would be packaging that afternoon.

Skip to last night, Wednesday, December 6th, I e-mail the company in the afternoon, to find out where my order is. I read my e-mail at 9 pm. that night and they sent an e-mail saying my order was cancelled, because they left me a message and I never called back....Also, went on to say, they did not think I wanted the favor boxes, since they were out of stock on the mold that fits that box, hmmm the last time I checked when does a business assume what you want, when I order something I kind of know what I want, that is why I ordered it in the first place, can you imagine?

..So of course I was so annoyed, because the mold was for my god-daughter sweet sixteen and I promised I would make this for her. I sent a very long winded e-mail back to them, not rude mind you but let them know how awful I thought it was.

Skip to Thursday, December 7th, in the afternoon, do not have one response back from them, decide to try and call even though they say they can't take phone calls regarding internet orders (which I find absurd).

Well the lady I spoke to would not know what customer service was if she took a year long course on it. She was very rude, did not listen to what I was saying, she actually said the following to me: "when are you going to let me talk, are you always this rude, meanwhile I was not rude at all, I am always very pleasant, because I have worked in customer service jobs for the past 15 years, and where I work, a huge national financial company, we would be out of a job the second we hung up the phone if we ever spoke to a customer of our business this way. So they were wrong, and then make matters worse by having the worst customer service person I have ever come across.

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  • La
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    I think the person who wrote the complaint is the one who is unreasonable. I think it is just as likely she would have been just as angry if she HAD gotten the boxes without the molds. Besides, she said that they tried to call her. I think Sugarcraft went the extra mile in trying to please her. I read her note over and I can't see anywhere that by calling them up, they could have done something to please her either. I guess "rude" is when you dont' get your way.

  • Mo
      18th of Mar, 2011
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    I agree with Aurora, because I have had a similar experience with Sugarcraft. After receiving a recent order, I called them to discuss the merchandise. The description and picture on their website was totally different from what I received. The website showed an item being white and it arrived being light pink (not good for a little boy's party). Clearly their website showed it being white (I asked 4 different people and everyone agreed it was showing as white). Not a big, but as soon as Dolores got on the phone she had an attitude and was very argumentative. Blew me away and caught me very off-guard. Something tells me they get lots of orders incorrect and therefore receive lots of calls from unhappy customers. She clearly does not enjoy her job. No sense of customer service or common sense whatsoever. She was rude and combative...over a $10 item. Instead of making it right, she was defensive and wanted ME to pay to return the item before she'd "think" about giving me a refund. I never bothered to return the item because it would have cost me as much for return shipping. I learned a lesson -- NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SUGARCRAFT! If you research their business name, you'll find dozens and dozens of complaints (even with the Better Business Bureau). Obviously, they don't understand customer service. Oh yeah...and Dolores also pulled the same tactic on me...saying "why am I being so rude", when in fact I wasn't. I never raised my voice or was sarcastic. I was simply telling her my story and she flipped out. That's her M.O. I own my own business and if I conducted myself in that fashion, I wouldn't be in business! Shame on them.

  • Li
      23rd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had a similar experience. They shipped me 30 gingerbread houses and 15 were broken beyond repair. They also told me I was rude and they blamed everyone but themselves...the shipper, the manufacturer and me. The women also accused me of lying because I was so frantic that houses were broken and we had 30 kids coming that I didn't think about taking a photo. I will never shop there again and I will make it my mission to make sure nobody else does!!

  • Kg
      28th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Sugarcraft asked me for a credit card statement and photo ID BEFORE they would OPEN an account. This was AFTER they accepted my order and processed my payment. Then they tell me - after the fact - that if I refuse to share my personal and confidential information, they will cancel my order and CHARGE ME 3%!!! For what? Wasting my time!? What a scam!

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