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1 70 Billing Road, Quincy, MA, United States
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Phone: (617) 689-3388

I feel like as was scammed by Success driving school located at 70 Billings Road, Quincy, MA. First and foremost, I went to the school one beginning of September and the receptionist scheduled a road test on October 16th. However, I never heard back from them for a month. When I called the school on October 7th, they told me that my road test was never scheduled. So, I went back to their office next week and rescheduled the road test between October 30th, 31st and November 1st. The receptionist told me to pay $100 dollars upfront ( $20 extra for reservation, it usually cost $80) for my road test and she would make sure I would be able to take the road test between those days.

Again, I didn't hear back from the school until I went to their office on October 30th. Then they told me that the road test was scheduled on November 2nd. They didn't even call me before October 30th ( last business day before road test) to let me know about date of road test. I didn't want to go to another school because I didn't want to wait longer. I told them I found a job that requires me to travel by car.The school know this situation and took adventure of me.

The receptionist advised me to take the driving lessons with the school before I take the road test which I did. I took four driving classes with an instructor. However, the instructor never taught me the basic instructions for the road test and therefore I failed my road test.

On the day of road test, I waited four hours until it was my turn to take the road test. My road test was scheduled on 10:30 am but I took the test around 2:30 pm. I was the last person to take the road test on that day. It only added to my injury that the road test only took few minutes because I didn't know the basic instructions.

I went to the office to talk to them to demand my money back for the wasted driving lessons. However, the Success driving school staff didn't want to talk to me and refused to give me my money back. I wasted three months and money with a school. During the whole ordeal, the receptionist and instructor were unprofessional and rude. The receptionist was always on the phone when I talk to her at her office. The instructor used to came late to driving lesson. I once waited 30 minutes for the instructor to pick my up for a lesson.

Nov 02, 2015

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