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Many people on this board complain about the customer service from the workers, but let me enlighten you about the way the employees are treated.
The youngsters have to put up with turning up for there shifts only to be told that they are now not needed for that particular shift.
They have split shifts such as 11-1 then 5-7. Difficult if they are non drivers.
They are schedule two and half hour shifts and then told if five sandwiches have not been made in one hour then one of the employees will need to leave.
They get called in on there day off, (not asked if they can work, but told that they have to).
Can be given thirty to forty hours one week and then the following cut down to three. (Fair.. I dont think so).
Get write ups for clocking in a few minutes early to help out with the line that is forming in the store.
The list goes on... So when you visit one of these stores, remember those poor students that are trying to make a little money to help them on there way are getting a very raw deal.

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  • Po
      Dec 30, 2010

    Most minimum wage jobs are terrible. Most people realize this. However, unless you have a contract that involves your shifts and hours, there is nothing to do except to find another job and quit.

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  • Bu
      Dec 30, 2010

    Totally agree.
    Workers are expected to do a lot, for only minimum wage. They are expected to be cleaners, waitresses, cooks, cashiers - the list goes on.

    They get called into work on their day off, only to be called back an hour later to say don't come in its sorted - after they've cancelled all their plans.

    Subway are blatantly taking advantage of the current job situation, as they know anyone with a job is going to hang on to it no matter what, therefore know they can get away with treating their staff like [censored].

    They are given only 1 hour to completely clean the store after close and the number of workers on at this time is VERY limited, even if it's been busy. Which means they are sometimes working half an hour to an hour unpaid if they refuse to work in this unpaid period, their hours are simply cut right down.

    As for find another job - not that easy in these times. Let's face it, who isn't going to jump at any kind of job. The only one getting hurt is the employee that quits.

    Also workers do not get contracts, they are all treated as temporary staff in the files, so if the business closes down, no redundancy money for them.

    If the workers are ill they are still forced to work. Subway would rather have sick staff serving the public (who are potentially infecting the hundreds of people who come through the doors everyday), than loose a days take. You think that is good practice?

    Also, if a customer talks down to these workers, going on a power trip of their own, the workers are expected to grit their teeth and bare it. Would you like that really?

    Workers have been refused sick pay, even when following proper procedure.

    Also, in the UK stores workers have been punished for NOT changing the labels on the food to make them appear in date, and for NOT putting hot sandwiches through the till as cold sandwiches – so to eliminate tax.

    ALSO these pay checks you speak of? All too often workers are not paid on time, and without any warning. Payslips are held back, usually so workers cannot check the time sheets, which would then clearly show how the store owners have knocked off 10 – 20 minutes every time they work and not paid them for it.

    Once I heard of a foreign worker that a store could not afford to keep on, but his VISA was running out. Therefore, the day before he was due to leave, he was told he was sacked and was not being paid for his previous 2 weeks work, which amounted to around 110 hours in total. 110 hours is A LOT of time to be working for free. He could not do anything at this point, as he was due to be out of the country – and Subway knew this.

    So, next time you brush off these complaints with ‘find another job’ (because that is easy right now?) or ‘Students go back to school’ (And going to pay for that HOW without a job?) why don’t you try going to work for Subway, and see how long it is before you are complaining about exactly the same things.

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  • Bu
      Dec 30, 2010

    You obviously don't live in the UK under the new government smart ###

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  • Bu
      Dec 30, 2010

    One can not help but be rude when faced with a person who is supporting a company doing these things to their workers, and thinking it is OK. You should really try working for them, you really should. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some people have to work for their future. Some people have to deal with these condition in order to get that little bit of cash in order to better themselves. How would you feel treated like this, then having people turn around and basically tell you to quit whining. Tell you to quit and get another job. It isn't as simple as that, anyone with an IQ knows that. When you have bills to pay, an education to pay for, its the hardest thing in the world.

    I just cant believe you chose to pick on this particular subject, rather than the tax evasion or label changing on the food - or ill workers working. Is that not so much worse?

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  • Po
      Dec 30, 2010

    Bug, we have all worked terrible jobs. I worked many of the situations you described and I stuck it out and then quit when I found another job. My parents had barely anything to give to me, and I have had to work since I was old enough to get a job. I put myself through college working two jobs where I was treated like dirt. The point is is that personally, there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing sub eater described is illegal. All the poster can do is sit tight and find a new job. It's no fun, and Brenda isn't trying to de-value it, but her advice is air-tight.

    If you however do see that your management is doing something outside of your work contract (if you have one) or your personal ethics, feel free to approach your HR representive or corprorate office.

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  • Bu
      Dec 30, 2010

    Yes they can. Live with you parents and save hard. Done. Couple of years of that (Not forgetting that you give your parents money for living with them during your working life, doesn't come free) and standing on your own two feet is possible. Education and own rented home is in hand. Of couse, juggling the two is not easy, however strong, willed people are more than able. Also, I just presumed as you didn't think to say anything about it. Would have thought any normal person would have something to say about being sold out of date food, before having something to say about a workers ability to pay themselves through education without a job.

    Please don't bother replying, as you obviously need to sort out your priorities. I'm sure most normal people much prefer in date food, and handing their cash over to companies than don't steal from them through the tax systems.

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  • Se
      Jan 05, 2011

    I agree with psuguy58, this is how the world works. This experience will only make you stronger. Life never seems fair. "But it's true the needs of the business override the needs of an employee. They are giving you a paycheck you work when and where they tell you to." Why is your money more important than their money? I wouldn't be suprised if the owner of that particular Subway was in the same position as you many years ago. But you just have to get through it and give it your all. You have problems and more than likely the owner will have problems too. So just like you are thinking about yourself so will he or she and it's really not a company's responsibility to make sure you can get back and forth to work. You must've known this when you took the job.

    Whatever job you do, you got to do it to the best of your ability. What is the reason for not sometimes being able to make five sandwiches in an hour? Perhaps, you are not giving it your all? Your upset about these things which is affecting your customer service? The staff are an important part of any business, if you are underperforming then the owner is not making enough money but that's not your problem is it? I have a restaurant and this is the exact problem I have, when staff make mistakes whether it's upsetting a customer or breaking equipment, they think that's forgivable but it's not. Yes if you very rarely make mistakes, you are human and that's fine. But not giving it your all then having the demands of a top worker, that's unacceptable! I pay my staff after all and I atleast expect them to do the work to the standard on which we discussed before they commenced work. On CV's people write they are motivated and can work under pressure (just one example), well I don't see any of that when they actually start working. Don't get me wrong though, I have some great staff and I pay them more because they deserve it. 1 in particular, he's never a minute late, doesn't argue and does his job all night and doesn't stop and does it all with a smile. I will pay extra just to keep him. My most recent fired employee, expected me to take him home (not in the contract), then give him constant free meals throughout the night (I already provide the staff, 2 meals within the space of 6 hours!), then he constantly plays on his phone, takes breaks without telling me, argues with staff, tries to pass on his work, breaks dishes and glasses, talks to customers in the wrong way, is cheeky at the same time, wants to leave early (always an excuse) and so many other things and he thought I didn't pay him enough. Because we have minimum wage, he got what he got otherwise I wouldn't even give him half. How is any of the stuff he did fair on me (my reputation is at stake) and how is it fair on the other workers? If he does less, they have to do more.

    As for some of the comments that bugmenot2 made, you agreed to be a cleaner, waitress, cook and cashier. It's part of the job and is it really that difficult? Employees seem to think so but I used to be an employee before too and it wasn't hard at all for me. I ended up buying the restaurant, I used to work in as the owner aged and wanted to sell. He paid me well and I networked with a lot of the customers including the bank manager that gave me the loan. Anyways I took orders (and tried to sell as much as I could whilst being polite and friendly) and I took telephone orders too. I wrote down all the prices for all the table. I helped the bartender with drinks and on her nights off I did all her duties and also carried the drinks to the table. I managed all the bookings, it was a 60 seater and we easily had 150-200 guests each night from Thursday-Sunday, so I had to arrange 3/4 sittings and on top of that accomodate as many walk in customers. If walk in customers couldn't get a seat, I tried to arrange for them to come back at a later time. I picked up plates, set tables, helped with serving the food. I served coffees, desserts, you name it and entertained the guests at the same time. I made it my business to remember the likes and dislikes of our regulars and made a lot of new customers. The owner, was from another country originally and had to support all his brothers, sisters etc back there so even though he made a lot of money, it all got spent. Sometimes he told me can I pay you a few days later? I said sure and figured a way out for myself. I stayed loyal from the time I started work with him to the time he sold the restaurant to me. Not only that, he owned the actual building premises which was quite old and needed fixing a lot of the times. To save money, he used to do it himself, he was quite old so I stayed back and I used to help him and guess what? I did that for free. This worked out for me quite well as I learned a bit of plumbing, plaster, bricklaying, fitting carpets, joinery and other things. I bought a few properties and I did the work required to bring the property up to date myself. During this whole time I went to school, 6th form and then uni. He wanted to sell when I was in the 2nd year of uni and he went with me to arrange my loan with the previously mentioned bank manager. I bought the business when i was 19. If i could do all this, I expect someone to do atleast half of it, if im paying them. Forget the extra work, just the work we agreed upon. If someone doesnt do it properly, its gunna be piss me off!

    And the you quitting, isnt just you getting hurt. The owner is left short staffed which will affect service and he has to once again go through the tedious recruiting stages and listen to somebody exactly like you giving it the big talk and ending up being exactly the same. Oh and also training the new guy which is costly and time consuming.

    When you get a job, do it properly. Many find it easier to complain. Do your job with all your heart and dont just think oh ill do just enough to get by because then you will fall short. Try your best, then a blind man could see that you are and you will automatically become valuable to the owner. When you got your degree and a good job, you will look back and remember these days and laugh about it. It's all part of your life experience. The earlier you start it the better and if you learn how to work hard now, no one will be able to stop you in the future.

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  • Sl
      Jan 05, 2011

    Ex Subway employee,

    I do understand how you feel. It sucks working a job were your treated like dirt. When I was a single mom, I had to deal with ### boss women, whom thought they should be higher up in the corporation, so they treated their workers like crap. Since in their minds, their life sucked, they had to make everyone's life as horrible, as they felt theirs was. I dealt with working my butt off without any appreciation, watching lazy ### good for nothings be promoted, because they kissed ### better than me. I had a ### boss tell me off in front of a customer, because I was trained wrong. I dealt with disgusting male co workers hitting on me or asking point blank if I would like to ### them, even when they were married or had girlfriends. I have had customers go off on me for situations that were not my fault, but that of my stupid female boss. I have been double crossed by supervisors, or back stabbed. That is life... Work isn't always fun. I had to stay at jobs I despised, because I had children to support. I couldn't pick and choose. Sometimes we have to grin and bare it... It is called life. Nobody said it was fair, and some employers are horrible. When your dealing with a horrible customer telling you off, for no reason, just think how eventually you will have an education, and not have to deal with people like that anymore. If it makes you feel better, key your ### boss's car. I did that to this horrible boss that would go off on everyone. She would just explode! Made me feel a whole lot better, when I took my key and ruined her shiny red sports car. Ruined her month, couldn't stop complaining about it. She interrogated everyone, and eventually got herself in trouble! LOL! Than again, she was miserable, and she didn't have friends, a boyfriend, and her own son refused to have anything to do with her. On my days off, I would go out with my girlfriends, spend time with my kids.She would complain how bored she would be when she wasn't working. Work was all she had! How sad is that?! Now, I have a awesome man, and a wonderful life. From what I hear my old boss is still miserable and alone... That is the way she will die.. ALONE! Be glad your not like them, and are making something out of your life. Enjoy your down time, even if it is hanging out with friends. Appreciate the co workers that make you laugh, and make hell a little more bearable... You will get through it, and be a better person out of it. Make the best out of a bad situation.

    Hope you find a better job... Finish your education~!

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  • Me
      Jan 10, 2011

    Subway employer.

    Subway is one of the worlds ### fast food restaurants. They threat people like ### and they do that with me as well. I couldnt pay my rent now for about 4 months because I didnt get paid or not the amount I require. ### off subway. The only thing what they want to do is money and get more rich. It has nothing to do with hard life its just the matter of fact that subway is not a serious employer. I did take that job because I was desprate and lets be honest 2010was not the year of jobs. I got the last 4 days hungry to bed because I cant afford food. This people are threaten my life and I think its time to go against subway or do something about it. I will quit that job tommorow because I might have to live on the street now. Will see what happens.

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  • Je
      Jan 30, 2011

    AS an ex employee of Subway, I can totally agree to most of which was stated, and even add to it.The store I worked in Highland City, Fl., was a very busy store, and always (in my opinion) understaffed. Therefore dishes, re stocking line, prep...ect was always behind. It was damned if you stayed and made sure it was finished, and damned if you didn't. As stated before, lots of times employees were working off the clock, and on several occasions hours worked deducted from one week, and added to the next to avoid any overtime pay. I don't know who the "manager" knew to get her title, but her managing skills were very poor. I have been in management most of my working life, and I was appalled at how little she knew about customer service, ethics, and treating people with respect. As you know jobs are scarce, if any, and I desperately needed to work. After almost a year, I quit for the sake of keeping my sanity! One time we ran out of forks, and a customer oredered a salad, he came up to the counter and asked if he could get a sandwich made instead, and she gave him a spoon. He stood there in shock and said I can't eat this with a spoon, and she told him to take it home to eat then. She then argued with him, making a scene and telling him how she would have to throw it away and that was wasting food... totally overlooking the fact that it was her error for not ordering the forks, and perhaps I am wrong, but I was always taught the customer is the most important person in a business. This was just one instance of many I witnessed while there. As for getting paid a somewhat reasonable salary for the work you do is out of question. Upon hiring they will promise evaluations at various lentghs of employment, and if you are lucky (and after constant nagging) you will get a 90 day eval. after you have been there 6 months. It is a sad world when there are so many people desperate to work, and have no other choice but to work for these million dollar companies, and get treated like ###! This is not my opinion, but these are facts based on my experience working for this company.

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  • Na
      Oct 01, 2015

    I am currently employed at subway store 55082 in Spring, TX. I am in my 30's. I am working here because the shop I worked at previously has closed its doors. I'm currently searching while working here. It's true about the hours being cut from mon-fri 11am-4pm to Wednesday and Thursday only 11am -4pm. It stressed me out because all I thought about was "How am I going to have enough on my rent?" I'm still job hunting but the manager makes it difficult too. She "micromanages" and she has scrutinized me in front of customers, snatched sandwiches from my hands as I was making them. This lady is older than I am so I didn't say a thing but walked away. I've been taught to respect my elders. But she's not such a great person to work for. She makes me miserable at work. I have never worked somewhere and had any issues with my supervisors or anyanagement. I'm putting in an employee complaint on her. She's not right. I refer to her all the time as Ms. Grace even when I wanted to tell her off!

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  • J2
      Mar 14, 2016

    I myself am an ex employee of subway and it is a very ### place to work. They don't care about their workers at all. I closed by myself every night and did a lot of working off the clock. What really pushed me to quit was I had to work while sick. I was vomiting like every 10 minutes I called the manager and she wouldn't come in and cover. I called co workers none of them could cover. So I would literally walk off in the middle of making a sandwich and go vomit. Customers started calling complaining and finally the manager came in but was pissed because she had to come in. My shift started at 2:00 and she finally came in at 9:00 to cover for me. How unsanitary is that and they didn't care. Needless to say I told her I wouldn't be back. I think corporate should look into some of the situations that go on in subways and actually do something because some employees are treated very unfairly. While their favorites are treated great and they are the lazy ones that don't deserve it

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  • Ma
      Nov 17, 2017

    amazing this country(USA) we have a labor them and tell them this story...they will be sued and shut down

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  • La
      Jan 04, 2018

    I came across this while searching for help for my son. Hes had paychecks with missing hours, his hours cut, his schedule changed without being notified, been promised raises that never happen, same with insurance. He was forced to work while vomitting. After work he went to the hospital and found he had a rip in his stomach. He was in the hospital for a week and they threatened to fire him. He has been degraded by his manager in front of customers. I could go on and on. He is currently looking for other employment. Subway should be shut down. Not only for the way it treats employees but i dont know of anyone who wants their dood to be handled by a sick person. We have all had crap jobs before but subway goes beyond that.

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  • Cb
      Jan 30, 2018

    i worked for a subway in saintcair pa inside the walmart they gave me a promotion and raise got the promotion and extra work but no money they told me they would fix it in 2 weeks i already have been working 2 weeks well really 4 weeks as the new night manager they call it training [censor] i knew everything in 3 days well anyway i quit when i went to get last check they paid me minimum wage was expecting that but they never paid me what they owe me from the previous check well i tied getting in touch with subway corporate they never responded guess im just screwed

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