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Don't shop at subway...

So.. I am standing in the long line at my local subway... Very busy for lunch.. With probably 20 people in front of me. When I get to the window.. I order.. And then when I go to pay... I am told that they do not take $100 bills. Now.. My food was over $15.. And I know that they have the change in the register because I have seen them putting cash in the drawer for the 20 people in line in front of me.

I am a little pissed... So I complain to the head office via email.. And this is the response I get... Confrontational and condescending:

Thank you for giving me some time to respond to you. Upon reading your comments I feel I am compelled to address them one at a time.

1. Not accepting a $100 bill.

In our store it is clearly sign posted that we accept no bill larger than a $20 bill. The sign is posted in clear view at the point of order. The reasons for this are many and in the quick service food industry this is very common. It is not our intent to refuse cash, it is our intent to maintain as little cash as possible in the drawer for the safety of our employees.

2. You know we have change.

You mention that you have seen the clerks take $20 after $20 so you know we have change. Allow me to explain, we are a franchise and one of the many things that we are to follow is cash handling. As per subway, it is recommended that we carry no more than $60 in large bills. What you saw was the sales being rung into the pos system but what you did not see is the cash drops that the pos system forces the clerks to do. Namely cash is removed from the drawer and deposited in the safe. Upon checking my tapes i
See that this was indeed done.

3. Poor management decision.

I would have to say that we are following direction and advice of subway and that our clerk did indeed carry out the instructions that he/she was told.

4. Fight going national.

Do you mean with subway or other businesses?
I am sorry that you feel so inclined and I will be happy to provide any other information that you need.

5. Lazy business owners.

Quite frankly I read this as a personal comment and would be happy to deal with this comment in a meeting with you should you feel that strongly. I don't feel that this belongs in a subway related letter.

6. Company is too cheap and lazy to train.

Did you know that you can now glue and paste two bills together, for example paste a $50 bill over a $5 and that bill will not show as counterfeit? Using pens, lights etc does not work and therefore we post signs such as our and have a policy not to accept large bills.

I hope that I have managed to explain and educate you the reasons of not accepting large bills. Please let me know if you need further clarification and we hope to see you enjoying one of our famous subs soon.


Jill scognamiglio
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  • Ja
      9th of Feb, 2010

    No one takes 100 dollar bills at fast food restaurants

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  • Je
      11th of Feb, 2010

    I can't believe that some people are so stupid, don't you understand all the clarifications, no one accepts bills over 100 hundred, you better go to the grocerie store and make your own sandwiches, LAZY.

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  • Eo
      12th of Feb, 2010

    Wait.. you think HER comments were confrontational and condescending?

    You called her franchise cheap, lazy and poorly managed. She was professional enough to read pass those rude, presumptuous, and unnecessary remarks and addressed the only legitimate 'complaint'. Not only did she take the time to clarify the company policy, she attempted to explain WHY the policy is in place instead of offering some cut and paste response that is so typical in customer service.

    A reply isn't confrontational just because someone offers to answer any more questions or provide more details, nor is it condescending just because you can't understand the simple logic behind the policy.

    Engaging and informative are the words I'd use to describe her response.

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  • Oh
      12th of Mar, 2010

    I absolutely believe it is ridiculous that they would not take a $100 bill. YES fast food places DO take $100 bills, believe it or not. I can understand why the OP was irritated by this. Tell me what fast food place DOESN'T accept them?! So they potentially lost a $15 sale over the stupid fact that they wouldn't accept a big bill? That down right stupid if you ask me. MONEY IS MONEY. Would they turn someone away if they were wanting to pay in all change? I think not, so why turn a big bill away? I sure as hell wouldn't, and I'm a manager in a fast food restaurant. I would never expect a response that "Jill" had posted. To me, it ISN'T professional one bit. I can assure you that she has definitely lost a potential life customer in the OP. Just my two cents!

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  • At
      30th of Dec, 2010

    You are a [censored], when it is clearly stated that they do not take bills over $20. This is the case with many businesses. Who the [censor] are you? The queen of england? Read the signs.

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  • Mr
      12th of Jun, 2015

    I think they should close the doors if they can't break anything larger then a $20. It's ridiculous... $60 is not large bills!! This is 2015. I could see no larger then $50 bills but a $20? Really? They claim they fear counterfeits. But that's part of being in Business...sometimes you take chances. But to inconvenience a large portion of your customers because your scared to death of losing $50 is absurd. Get with the program Subway!!

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  • Sa
      12th of Jun, 2015

    Next time get someone who knows how to read to take you to the store, they do have signs after all. Most places don't accept $100 bills, why there are places that don't even accept $50 bills. Don't get mad at them because you are unable to read or missed the sign.

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  • Sa
      12th of Jun, 2015


    Another young child mistaking rudeness as getting a reply that was not wanted, the kid that posted this review called the workers lazy, and said this was bad customer service just because she missed the sign. Telling the truth is not being rude.

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  • Sa
      12th of Jun, 2015

    To all that side with the OP if she knew how to read she would not have this issue. Not their fault that the person is a dolt and is unable to read.

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  • Sa
      12th of Jun, 2015

    Mrri, what are you reading, they do take $20 bills, the child that posted this was throwing a fit because they did not take her $100 bill and she is angry because she is too young to read the signs stating this and was refused service.

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