Suburban Ford / lack of quality service

1 Ferdale, Michigan, United States

October 16, 2018--- Customer # 51609
My name is Curtis M. Girty

I took my 2008 Ford / Edge in because of a problem loosing power was occurring. Mr. Andrew Perkins was the Service person that I dealt with that day. The problem was determined to be a need for a new PCM. after deciding to go forward with the work I also asked for a oil change and tire rotation, plus a new battery. I was told that the battery post and cables would be cleaned with the installation. I was also promised a free complimentary car wash. On Friday the 19th of Oct. I was told my car was ready for pick up. Total cost $2419.29 . I came in Saturday Oct. 20th with a cashiers check to pick up vehicle.
The first thing I noticed was no car wash was done . I mentioned it and the porter took it for washing. Once he came back I noticed that no oil change sticker for future oil change was in my window also the battery cable nor post had been cleaned, corrosion was still visible. The service manager was notified and took care of the problem. Two days later I get a low tire pressure light in the car. Upon checking I found that two tires had 25 pounds of pressure and one had 27 lbs.. Tire pressure is suppose to be checked when rotation is done. In this case it was obvious by the pressure difference that it had not been done. That dealer recently was taken over by Suburban Ford prior to Ed Schmid Ford was there. I have dealt with this dealership under both owners for almost 20 years total. I've purchased three ford vehicles when Ed Schmid had the dealership. This is not the first unhappy experience that I've had with Surburan I had a situation 3 months ago when I got my car back after an oil change and tire rotation where my lug lock was broken off and the post was stripped and no one made me aware of it. Also there is a recall on my car and I've been spoken to quite rudely when I inquired about receiving a rental car as promised in a letter I got from Ford Motor Co. Needless to say I'm frustrated with Suburban to say the very least which is why I'm making this complaint.

Oct 23, 2018

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