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Subscriptions4Less / eBay change the cause?

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It appears that all the complaints about Subscriptions4Less are about transactions from Spring 2008 to now (August 2008). I mention this because I've been using S4L for new and renewal magazine subscriptions for 3 years or more WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM -- until March of this year. Also, S4L's eBay feedback was exemplary. However, you may not realize that eBay first restricted, then dropped all the magazine vendors from the auction site about February or March of 2008, making their business dealings first difficult and then gone. In order to complete my last renewal, I had to bypass eBay, deal directly with S4L by email, then complete the payment on Paypal as usual. Subscriptions4Less has always provided great communications (email) and has completely honest in my numerous dealings with them. Recently, following eBay's cutting of magazine vendors, S4L has said they were/are looking for another site for their business. Having said that, my last 3 emails to them (about new subscriptions) have gone unanswered. But, given the excellent history they have with me, I will keep trying. By the way, Paypal DOES have a non-delivery complaint and follow up procedure -- one that has worked well for me on two occasions - providing me a full refund of the purchase price both times.


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  • Da
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Bob -- I too had prev. worked w/them before successfully, which is why I didn't initially worry when ebay cancelled the dutch BIN auction, which I'd already made a purchase from. I checked w/the seller, they said not to worry, that the item would ship, and so I waited. That was May 7th. It's now Aug 8th and no magazines have showed, the publishers have no record of the request or my info, and emails to the seller (replying to the last ones he/she sent me) come back as undeliverable. Many many people have now stated they're in the same boat. Paypal states they'll open an investigation into a seller if enough people complain about them (w/in 180 days) but w/o that, if it's past 45 days (which it is if you wait the 10-12 weeks requested/required) you're SOL.

    I just replied to paypal's customer svc reply to me with a list of ebayers that state they were ripped off and paypal either refunded their money, or there was no mention of a refund in the feedback but just that they've been ripped off.

    Here is the list I sent them just between June and present:

    Negative feedback

    1) No renewal of subscription per US Weekly, No response from Seller, PP Refunded
    Buyer: bevinh782 Jun-30-08 15:59
    3yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246346239) US $19.98 View Item

    Buyer: smittenkitten89 Jun-26-08 06:49
    3yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246346239) US $19.98 View Item

    3) Never recieved magazines and sent 2 emails and no response back.
    Buyer: alli78 Jun-25-08 09:35
    1yr OK! MAGAZINE + 1yr US WEEKLY - Subscription (#310043603935) US $13.98 View Item

    4) Mag. never arrived after 7 wks. No response to any of my emails-paypal refunded
    Buyer: therewasalittlebird Jun-22-08 18:51
    3yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246346239) US $19.98 View Item

    5) Never received magazine - no response from seller - Paypal refunded.
    Buyer: faye1218 Jun-15-08 08:16
    3yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246346239) US $19.98 View Item

    6) almost 8wks-no mags-no communication-my children are devastated! paypal refunded
    Buyer: 6littlestitches Jun-14-08 09:17
    Follow-up by 6littlestitches (Jun-25-08 10:15):
    STILL NO MAGS- now seller has no items for sale- wonder why????? stay away!
    2yr ZOOBOOKS - Subscription [NO S/H] (#110245720625) US $24.98 View Item

    7) Never received order. Contact was unsuccessful.
    Buyer: agrotnes Jun-09-08 20:46
    1yr OK! MAGAZINE + 1yr US WEEKLY - Subscription (#310043603935) US $13.98

    8) Received Today but never received Astronomy sub from 02/26, no communication!!!
    Buyer: tschneeibm Jun-06-08 12:28
    4yr READER'S DIGEST - Subscription **SALE** (#310043484458) US $19.98 View Item

    ------------ Seller had replied to all of these on July 29th stating:

    * Reply by subscriptions4less (Jul-29-08 20:45):
    Ebay removed our listings and wouldn't allow access to our account.

    --------- However that doesn't explain why their email account is inactive or why they couldn't fwd. our information to the publishers so we'd actually get our subscriptions... Or even why they couldn't EMAIL us (or some other form of contact) to let us know there'd be a delay. Paypal would have the address and auction information necessary for them to submit our info, so being locked out of Ebay is no excuse.

    For anyone who has been ripped of by these guys, if you paid via paypal, even if it's past 45 days, even if you got a refund already -- CONTACT THEM AGAIN and ask them to open an investigation into Subscriptions4less. The more people that complain, the more likely they'll refund those of us who were ripped off, even if it's past their 45 day mark.

    I hope this is helpful to those of you in the same situation. And Bob, I hope you follow this advice and contact Paypal (if that's how you paid) to at least add your name to the list of ppl that haven't rec'd their merchandise.

    Paypal rep Ralph Vernon sent me a reply on Thursday 8/7 that stated (in part):

    > We do reserve the right to reopen any claim for investigation within 180
    > calendar days if we receive multiple complaints about a particular
    > seller. We will contact you by email if this is the case.

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