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Seems I need help or any advise on what I can do would be great. My so called freedom of speech has seemed to got me into a mess. I am a person but, ran a newspaper and news and scam alert ect site. I had tons of articles and went into joining things as an affiliate not just doing surveys. I got all the inside info and worked hard to help others and boom. I am now in threat of my entire life being in ruins from speaking the facts that Researched SO LONG to get :surprised:
I am in the usa so I know how laws and courts are. I know I am pretty much uked. I am sure with how the net and people here seem to be I may get bad remarks but, at the same time maybe american people here will help me if they know more about what I can do. If I can do anything.
I am not so used to asking anyone to help or advise me on things but, this is serious seems. If the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party owns the company that has and runs those am I facing jail time for reporting the scam?
Hey they will sure take me down. PLease dont make it for nothing. Take the page at and all my info and vids showing the scam from the inside. Post them and tell everyone if you can. That is all I can really hope or ask.
Please do not insult me or write bad things under this as some may think to start a flock of sheep doing. I am asking you people nly to spread the word and to help me if you have advise. :cry::cry: I am scared that I will never get to have a normal life with my family and husband far. I am scared to be stuck in american jails for doing nothing wrong. This is why I am begging now the usa people to help.


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