Subrogation Manegement TeamStrong are tactics and over billing

Like another person who complained, my wife was hit while renting from Budget in El Paso. Subrogation sent us a demand letter for several thousand dollars stating we had to pay immediately. Once we got involved, it turns out most of the payment was already covered by USAA (who insured the other person). I filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General about their strong arm tactics and quick demands.
We are still fighting over $300 in administrative fees, $300 plus for loss of use and for an independent appraiser even though the door was fixed.
Interestingly, USAA customer service told us (both by phone and email) they want to settle the claim for the other driver but Subrogation Management Team refuses to cooperate.
We are still in the middle of this and these folks are nothing but high pressure are twisters. I have even written to the CEO of Budget informing him of how they work and what it might do to their brand reputation.

May 11, 2017

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