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They over charged me. Delivered the wrong goods. Agreed to refund but never did.

Here is the blow by blow of how I got ripped off by sub300

8 January 2007 – purchased 2 computers via sub500 website GRAND TOTAL $656.62

10 January 2007 – FROM JAN STATEMENT - 773.00 debit on credit card

15 January 2007 – received credit card statement saying $773.00 was charged to card. No computers yet, but they sure are efficient at posting the credit card charge.

15 January 2007 – fairly prompt reply telling me that the total quoted me was actually US funds despite the fact that none of the pages I visited on their site made any mention of that

15 January 2007 – I made my displeasure with this situation clear, and politely repeat my request for a refund of the difference.

16 January 2007 – FROM FEB STATEMENT – 768.54 credit AND debit on credit card ??? why ??

17 January 2007 – Apologetic response from sub300 and offer to split difference caused by misunderstanding down the middle ($58.19). Also note that this was 9 days after I ordered the system, and dispite their efficiency in taking my money, they still haven't shipped anything.

17 January 2007 – I accept, but also ask as part of this new deal that they update their website so others do not have the same problem I did.

29 January 2007 – The system finally arrives, through two emails I inform them that what I received is not what I had ordered.

30 January 2007 – Through 3 more emails I finally offer to save us both the hassle of be returning the units and ask simply for the $110 refund for the hard drive I never received. I did not ask for any reimbursement for the cheaper memories I received instead of the higher density ones I was suppose to receive. (I was getting fed up at this point and wanted to wash my hands of it as soon as possible)

1 February 2007 – with yet another email prompt from me Sub300 finally responds and says they are in agreement with the refund and will look after it next week.

15 February 2007 – Received my credit card statement but there is no refund. I email sub300 to remind them that they agreed to a refund and of what the value of that refund should be $110 (hard drive) and $58.19 for currency mixup.

26 February 2007 – send another email as I am not getting replies.
27 February 2007 – send yet another email which is ignored.
27 February 2007 – I phone, leave messages, but calls never returned.
27 February 2007 - I do a little bit of google research to discover some of their other ventures as well
Merchants names are David and Marc Silverman and they have a couple of car washes and gas stations as well.

April 12 - with no help from Sub300 and after much fighting with MBNA Canada I finally got credited to my account, the $110 for the hard drive. MBNA said they will not do the same for the $58 dollars that Sub300 previously agreed to for the currency difference.
Darryl Moore

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  • Gl
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    I had almost the same friggin thing happen to me.
    I ordered a AMD 3100+ clearance system from them...and they sent me a AMD 1400+.
    When I emailed them they admitted a mistake had been made in shipping...but they never got around to issuing a refund.
    After a month had debit card issuer will not offer a I wrote MaximumPc a large computer magazine here in the US and had them shame into giving me a refund.
    I received all but $12 of my money back...and I paid money out of my own pocket to send them their computer back.
    It came back to my house a month later because no one from their company bothered to go to the post office to pick it up.
    They finally sent me an email to donate it to someone who could use it.

  • Pa
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Here's another agreement with the terrible service that Sub300 "provides".

    I'd ordered three computers from them, and only two were shipped at first. It took quite a lot of emails and phone calls to get the third computer shipped ("official" reason: "it was lost by the shipping company").

    When they arrived, two of them were damaged: a badly dented metal case, and a broken plastic face plate.

    No matter how many emails, phone calls, and threats to sue were issued, they were simply unresponsive. I found out that it would me more expensive to take them to court than the cost of the replacement parts were worth.

    Fixed the computers myself, and vowed never to use SubPar300 again.


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